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DiCicco Introduces Election Recall Bill

April 10, 2010

Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco

Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco issues the following press release yesterday introducing legislation he is sponsoring tohold elected officials accountable once in office for election promises they made.

DiCicco Legislation Would Ease Restrictions on Election Law

Bill Takes Aim at Two-Year Elected Officials Like Himself

In keeping with his campaign promise to make elected officials more accountable to the people they serve and government more transparent, Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco has introduced legislation that will ease restrictions on the state’s recall election law.

“The law as it is currently written makes it far too easy for politicians to make promises of fiscal responsibility and accountability to win the trust of the voters and then get into office and become another political machine drone and toss the voters aside in favor of special interests. This bill will help to provide some additional power to the voters to hold elected officials to their promises, especially those serving a two-year term,” explained DiCicco, R-Gloucester and Camden. “The current recall law is too favorable to politicians who sell out the voters to special interests, leaving constituents little recourse in recalling them.”

The bill, A-2557, would allow residents a realistic window of opportunity to recall Assembly lawmakers and elected officials representing the State in the U.S. Congress and gives a 10-day window of opportunity for those submitting recall petitions to clean up any problems found by the clerk.

It gives citizens greater ability to recall elected officials serving a two-year term by reducing the amount of time they must wait before initiating the process. Currently, people are granted the right to recall an official after at least one year of service. However, they cannot initiate the process until 50 days before completion of one year of service. DiCicco’s legislation would allow the initiation process to begin at 74 days.

The bill also requires that when a recall election official determines a petition contains an insufficient number of signatures or fails to comply with established requirements and procedures, the recall election official must allow 10 business days for the recall committee to make corrections to bring the petition into compliance.

“Current law doesn’t give citizens an opportunity to cure challenges by a clerk,” commented DiCicco. “Once the petition is submitted and errors or challenges are noted by a clerk, the only recourse for the recall committee is court action which eats up valuable time.

“Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against the people, their power is depleted under current law. This legislation is an effort to put the power back in the hands of the people,” he continued. “It’s designed to make elected officials more accountable to the people they serve and the process more open to the public.”

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