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Budget Chairman Greenwald Admittedly “Not Bright Enough”

April 15, 2010

Image: Save Jersey

From NJ101.5’s Kevin McArdle via Save Jersey’s Matt Rooney:

Things got heated at yesterday’s Assembly Budget Committee hearing. The panel took testimony from Lori Griffa, the acting commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs. Governor Chris Christie’s is looking to slash state aid to towns by $445 million dollars and Assembly Budget panel chairman Lou Greenwald wants to see the aid restored to help curb property tax hikes, but he also wants a definition for what the proposed cut really is.

When repeatedly asking the same question and not getting the answer he was looking for, Greenwald conceded, “I’m not bright enough to know what your answer is. Can you say it to me simpler so I can understand it?”

You can listen to audio of the exchange HERE.

We’re not the only one who thinks Greenwald is embarrassing himself.  McArdle quotes Republican Budget Committee Assemblyman David Wolfe:

“Budget Committee Chairman Greenwald has allowed these budget hearings to devolve at times into an embarrassing spectacle. It is disrespectful and doesn’t move us any closer to a more affordable state. It would be more helpful if he abandoned the tired partisan sniping that contributed to New Jersey’s fiscal mess and heeded Acting Commissioner Grifa’s mantra to put ‘taxpayers first’ to solve this budget crisis.”

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