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Where in the Constitution??

April 15, 2010

Let me be the first to say this post has absolutely nothing to do with Republican Politics in Camden County.  Well Maybe nothing.  I fully recognize this blog is founded and dedicated to political issues that face the residents and tax payers of our county.  That said, I just cannot resist this one.  So to make a Camden County reference,  Congressman Phil Hare was asked what Rob Andrews has yet to address:

“Where in the Constitution does it say I need to purchase health care?”

Great question but no answer.  Let’s look at the video.

Wow!  Can you believe it?  Can you say unscripted? Camden County Republicans like to give you a little more so here is Phil Hares pre scripted response to his candid Youtube video:

How lame!  “We can disagree on Health Care Reform”  is that the best he can do?

Here are some select media responses to Hare’s video:

Bill O’Reilly:


Sadly Rob Andrews (a lawyer married to a law professor) has yet to issue a statement on the constitutionality of his beloved heath care bill.

Dale Glading fully supports our Constitution.  Enough Said!

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