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Bernie Platt Puts on Magnificent Desperation Dispaly

April 21, 2010

Bernie Platt

On Friday April 16, 2010 Cherry Hill released an official statement.  According to the Courier Post,

” The township’s Department of Public Works will begin handling more services for the public schools in an effort to save taxpayers money.”

It makes you wonder if Dan Keashen sent this press release out?  Think about this for a minute.  Go ahead use the full 60 seconds. 

Cherry Hill’s Department of Public Works, a taxpayer funded entity, is now going to assume responsibilities previously handled by the Cherry Hill Board of Education, another taxpayer funded entity.  See the tax payer savings?

According to the report,

“Platt said shared services were “the most effective strategy” the township could use to maintain services when revenues are down.”

If this is Platt’s “Most Effective Strategy”  Cherry Hill is in big trouble.  Besides I thought his best strategy was to sell a road to the Camden County Freeholders for $2 million dollars.  All Platt’s strategy does is move expenses from the school budget to the municipal budget.  Can someone please show me the tax payer savings?  …. I’m waiting……

Here is the best part.  The Courier Post also noted,

“Both school and municipal taxes are expected to go up next fiscal year.”

The voters in Cherry Hill saw through Platt’s shameless public relations stunt and voted down Cherry Hill’s school budget.  I guess the voters were just a little to smart for Bernie this time.  It is time to make meaningful spending cuts in Cherry Hill.

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  1. May 28, 2010 6:29 am

    I would like to volunteer as a reviewer of the website spelling. I have just found the website, after speaking with Ed Davis of Collingswood on Tuesday.

    I have not been involved with the Camden County Republicans for a few years, and am considering involvement on a limited basis. Camden County continues to be a political cesspool and it will take all the talent available for change to happen.

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