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New Jersey School Budgets are a BUST!

April 21, 2010

Chris Christie Credit Ed Murray/The Star-Ledger

According to an early Star Ledger report over half of New Jersey’s proposed school budgets were defeated yesterday. 

“New Jersey voters took a stand on school spending and property taxes Tuesday, rejecting 260 of 479 school budgets across 19 counties, according to unofficial results in statewide school elections.”  


Our Governor’s proposed state budget played a role in this historic school board election. 

“In many districts Tuesday, the governor made himself heard as 54 percent of the spending plans were rejected, according to unofficial returns. If the trend continues, it would mark the most budget defeats in New Jersey since 1976, when 56 percent failed. Typically, voters approve more than 70 percent of the school budgets.” 


Wage freezes may have played a major role.  The teachers union in North Brunswick agreed to a one-year wage freeze and the budget passed.  Superintendent Brian Zychowski said,   

 “The cooperation, I think that was the difference. People recognized that everybody was trying to contribute to maintain the educational integrity of the school district.”  


Voter turnout was very high compared to previous school board election turnout.  Typically April school board elections see a 12 to 15 percent turnout.  This year many districts had over 25 percent turnout.  This may be the result of an angry electorate.  Don Wheeler, of Linden said, 

“There is such a thing as belt-tightening and if the educators don’t recognize it, they’re going to.” 

It will be interesting to see which towns in Camden county passed their local school budget.  Early unofficial results indicate Haddon Heights and Haddonfield passed their school budgets.  The budget failed in Cherry Hill and Pennsauken failed.  Check back for full Camden County school board results.

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  1. April 21, 2010 4:44 pm

    The voters in Cherry Hill saw through Platt’s shameless public relations stunt and voted down Cherry Hill’s school budget. I guess the voters were just a little to smart for Bernie this time. It is time to make meaningful spending cuts in Cherry Hill.

    .from → Cherry Hill, Freeholder, School Board

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