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Sarah Palin Helps Local Republicans in Liberal Town

April 24, 2010

Sarah Palin

Sara Palin went to Eugene Oregon, a democratic stronghold, to help raise money for local Republicans. Eugene is the home of the University of Oregon and is in Lance County where Democrats outnumber Republicans nearly two to one.  Lets see, Camden is home to Rutgers University and Democrats outnumber Republicans in Camden County nearly two to one.  Hmmmm…. 

The event was a big success for the local Republican organization. They sold 800 tickets at $250 each.  Not a bad night.  

Plain urged her fellow Republicans to run for office.  Palin told the crowd,  

“Many of us are saying we’ve had enough, and it’s time to take it back and put government back on the side of the people.”  

It did not take the former Alaska Governor long before she commented on Obama’s policies.  She said,  

“We have to make sure this Obamacare is short-lived or it will put us on this path toward insolvency….”To borrow their slogan, ‘Yes, we can.’ That’s no way to lead a country. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. We say, ‘Oh no you don’t.’ We’re going to take it back.’ ”  


What is most encouraging is that Palin has the courage to go to a democrat stronghold to raise money and awareness.  Good for Palin and good for Republicans everywhere. 

Read the full AP Story by clicking here.

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