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Gimmicks to balance budget? Zallie and DeCristofaro will bring real solutions

April 28, 2010

George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro

The latest headline, “Camden County plans to furlough 750 workers” in the April 26 edition of the “Courier Post” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is wrong with the current administration running our county.

For the past ten years, the Camden County Freeholders have been sending us deeper in to debt with every day that passes. Now it’s gotten so bad the Freeholders are considering selling county assets to help reduce the actual shortfall of $24 million.

Selling land is a “one-shot gimmick” and it is very shortsighted.  Also, as our county has one of the highest taxes in the state, who wants to buy land or start a business here?

The “acquisition” of Marlkress Road  from Cherry Hill for $2 million under the umbrella of “Homeland Security” is just another example of Camden County run amuck.  Maybe Cherry Hill should buy its road back from the county.

Ed McDonnell and the rest of the Camden County freeholders just do not listen.  It is time the Freeholder board members became true public servants.

Any wonder why our county is in such disrepair? You cannot keep ignoring the citizens and expect improvements. The freeholder board must have members that will bring new vigor and passion to the table — as well as look at alternative ways to improve a bad situation.

That is why Camden County needs the team of Zallie and DeCristofaro. They are private citizens who have business expertise in many areas. Zallie has proudly said that in his 40 years as a businessman he has NEVER laid off an employee.  Imagine taking that knowledge and transferring it to Camden County — and work on keeping employees instead of furloughing or laying them off?

Scot DeCristofaro has an amazing grasp of all economic areas in Camden County. He will work hard, he will work smart, and he will deliver for his constituents.

Electing Zallie and DeCristofaro is a start to ensuring the right decisions are being made for the residents of Camden County.

Laying off county employees to balance the budget is not the answer. Selling off county assets to balance the budget is not the answer.  What is the answer?  If the old way is not working, then try something new and different.

How about inviting Republicans to the table? Who knows, they just might make things better for everyone — and just might be the answer we so desperately need.

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