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Chris Christie: New Jersey Conference of Mayors Address

May 3, 2010

Chris Christie

Chris Christie gave a great speech at the New Jersey Conference of Mayors.  Chris outlined his budget priorities and again rejected the so-called “Millionaires Tax”.  He started his speech with his trademark dose of blunt and candid talk.  He lead with, 

“… I want to start off saying to all of you today is what I say, I mean.  I’m not posturing, I’m not positioning.  I’m not getting myself into an area where then I can then negotiate off of.  I’m telling you today the truth as I see it.  And the challenge that lies before each and every one of us. ” 

Chris also had a few words about the teachers union too; 

“…people in New Jersey now feel as if there have become two classes of people in New Jersey.  Public employees who receive rich benefits, and those who pay for them.  Now that is an uncomfortable reality to come to in this room, but it is the reality.  Because when they look at a teachers union who has determined that it is their birth right to have 4 and 5% increases a year, regardless of the rate of inflation, regardless of the economic conditions of the state, regardless of the pain that it will cause.  And a teachers union who believes that they are entitled to in the main – free health benefits for themselves and their family, medical, dental, and vision from the day they are hired until the day they die.  You are setting up two different classes of people, because for those of you who work in the private sector you know pay freezes have become the norm.  Pay cuts, failure to match in 401K programs, more contributions towards your health benefits, have become the norm to keep businesses afloat. ” 


  For those that want more or just were unable to attend you can read the full text of his speech by clicking here

NJN‘s On the Record covered the conference.  You can view Michael Aron’s report by clicking here.

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