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Greenwald Opposes Common Sense Reform

May 4, 2010

Lou Greenwald Photo Credit: T. Kurdzuk/Star-Ledger


Lou Greenwald is at it again.  Defending big spending which flies in the face of common sense.  Not only does he refuse to support Assemblyman Rible’s bill to cap public school administrators pay he is now publically opposing salary caps for non-profit CEOs and top executives.    

Governor Chris Christie has mandated that top executives at nonprofit agencies who have state contracts will be limited to $141,000 in salary.  This sensible salary cap will apply to non-profit agencies with budgets of more than $20 million and agencies with smaller budgets would be capped at lower salary amounts.     

Chris Christie’s cabinet members make $141,000.00 per year and it might seem reasonable that those executives who head up agencies like the Division of Youth and Family Services should be so limited.    It is estimated the tax payers would save about $5 million by paying less money in CEO salaries, as well as cutting back on travel, education, severance, and vehicle expenses for all nonprofit employees.     

Lou Greenwald criticized the Christie administration’s policy capping executive pay for social service nonprofit groups that do business with the state.  Yet once again he offered no concrete budget cuts or other solutions for New Jersey’s fiscal problems.   Worse yet Greenwald does not offer any explanation as to why a public employee should earn more than $141,000 every year.   


According to the administration’s draft memo obtained by The Star-Ledger:     

• State money shall no longer be used for any employee seeking reimbursement for tuition, textbooks and supplies “unless such courses are required by the contract, licensing certification and Medicaid standards.” 

• Agency officials must seek state permission before they buy a new vehicle. They must justify its use to fulfill the state contract, demonstrate they have sought three bids, and shall not to exceed $25,000 unless they are buying a passenger van or vehicle for disabled people.  

• Agency officials must seek state approval before spending more than $250 per person, per event on travel expenses. • State money may not be used to defray severance costs unless the employee served more than a year with the company. And that would be capped at two weeks of severance pay and benefits.    

The above recommendations ar just common sense.  Camden County Freeholder Candidate George J. Zallie offered the following,    

“We need salary caps in Camden County to get our financial  house in order, and they should be reviewed in the future as our fiscal condition as our economy grows and improves.  The Freeholders need to take a page out of the Governors book and impose similar spending restrictions in Camden County.”  

 Freeholder Candidate Scot DeCristofaro noted,  

“No amount of County furloughs or asset sales will help us balance the county budget if we do not limit our spending.  Efficient limiting of our spending coupled with regular reoccurring tax revenue is the key to long-term fiscal health and the best way to avoid county tax increases.”  

Zallie and DeCristofaro support Governor Christie’s efforts and anxiously await the release of this years Camden County budget.

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  1. Hungry For Leadership permalink
    May 4, 2010 10:36 am

    Lou Greenwald is the “Hair Gel Don”. How can a man: 1) work for an engineering firm whose firm does business with the state; 2) whose firm dole’s out $300,000+ per year in political contributions; 3) be an elected politician?

    You mean to tell me The Hair Gel Don does not personally benefit for being in offical and has been ethical his entire tenure? Doubt it!!! The past actions of the Hair Gel Don will catch up to him at some point soon.

  2. Annoyed in Camden county permalink
    May 5, 2010 8:47 pm

    After reading the Soprano State about the corruption in this state, Greenwald’s statements don’t surprise me. He probably has lots of friends and relatives holding patronage jobs and doesn’t want to give them a pay cut. What the heck….we can afford it, it’s just state money.
    No wonder we are broke with the highest taxes and worst roads, schools etc., Read the book, it is stunning what goes on in this state. Last person to leave NJ please turn off the lights!!!!

  3. DIANA ROOD permalink
    May 6, 2010 1:24 pm

    Lou Greenwald is wrong, when we need to cut spending the old way, across the board!!!! Diana and Charles Rood

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