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LoBiondo Co-Sponsors Legislation to Cancel Automatic Pay Raise for Congress

May 5, 2010


Frank LoBiondo


WASHINGTON– The House of Representatives approved bipartisan legislation last week that would cancel the automatic pay raise for members of Congress in 2011.

“Taxpayers are rightly angry at the excessive spending by Congress, whether it is through expansive government programs or by personal compensation and luxury trips by members.” 

said U.S. Rep. Frank A. LoBiondo, who co-sponsored the legislation with Reps. Harry Mitchell of Arizona and Jim Matheson of Utah. 

Automatic increases exemplify everything that is wrong with Washington, according to LoBiondo. 

“Today’s action is the right policy and the right message to reaffirm to the American people that Congress understands the economic realities they are living.” 

 he said. 

LoBiondo has voted to block the pay raise from taking effect in previous years, according to a press release issued by his office, and has returned personal compensation to the U.S. Treasury in years that the automatic pay raise was not prevented. 

Through 2008, LoBiondo has returned $39,496 in salary compensation, the press release stated, and he pays for his own health care insurance. 

The legislation follows action taken by the Senate last week to cancel members’ automatic pay raise next year. The House approved the bill 402-15.

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