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Glading: Average Taxpayers Not Rich Enough to Purchase Andrews’ Attention?

May 6, 2010

Republican Congressional Hopeful Dale Glading (Photo: Noah Addis/The Star Ledger)


From the Glading Campaign


“Who can blame First District voters for thinking that Rob Andrews would represent their interests when they sent him to Congress 20 years ago,”  

said Glading.  

“Unfortunately for South Jersey taxpayers, Washington Rob has spent the last two decades laboring for the campaign cash of seedy special interests rather than fight for the taxpayers who sent him to Congress.” first reported in January 2008 that Andrews had accepted $11,000 from former Goldman Sachs managing director Stuart Essig. Essig was a director on the board of Zimmer Holdings, Inc., an Indiana-based company investigated by the Department of Justice following stunning allegations that the company had actually paid off doctors and surgeons to use Zimmer’s medical products. Zimmer ultimately agreed to a $311 million settlement. Andrews, however, vehemently defended Essig and refused to return his tainted campaign donation. (Source: “Andrews defends campaign contributions from company at center of Christie-Ashcroft controversy.” PolitickerNJ, 1/11/08).  


Yet despite the government’s investigation into his business practices, Essig still managed to “get his money’s worth” out of Rob Andrews. On May 21, 2009, Andrews introduced H.R. 2575, known as “The Prosthetic and Custom Orthotic Parity Act of 2009.” If passed, Andrews’ legislation would mandate that all American health insurance companies cover the cost of prosthetic and orthotic devices. (Source: Interestingly, the devices affected by the Congressman’s bill are the same devices manufactured by Zimmer and another company currently headed by Essig  

“The value of prosthetic and orthotic devices for our fighting men and women in the armed forces isn’t the real issue here,” 

 added Glading. 

“The real concern for taxpayers is that their congressman selectively backs legislation based on whether the organizations standing to benefit from his efforts also happened to contribute to his campaign coffers. All South Jersey residents deserve representation in Congress- dismayed that Rep. Rob Andrews (D-Haddon Heights) has once again put special interests ahead of constituent concerns, Congressional Candidate Dale Glading (R-Barrington) today decried yet another alarming connection between Andrews and the embattled Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs. the New Jersey-based Integra Life Sciences. not just the ones rich enough to purchase Rob Andrews’ attention.”  


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  1. DIANA ROOD permalink
    May 11, 2010 3:16 pm

    Andrews has to go!!

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