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Former Chief Justice Takes Heat Over Wallace Remarks.

May 7, 2010

Former Chief Justice Deborah Poritz

Former Chief Justice Deborah Poritz shared her thoughts  regarding Governor Christie’s decision to replace current Justice John Wallace.  

Poritz was quoted in a story carried in yesterday’s Bergen Record after she made the following comment in an NJN interview that ran Wednesday night, 

“By doing this through the tenure process, I think the governor sends a different signal,” 

she said. 

“The signal is be careful how you carry out your task of judging because that may affect whether you get tenure or not. And that affects the independence of the judiciary.” 

The reaction to her remarks was swift and bold.   Assembly Republican Leader Alex DeCroce today strongly criticized remarks made by the former Chief Justice. 

“Chief Justice Poritz must have amnesia since she allowed her colleague Justice Peter Verniero to be thrown under the bus in 2004,” 

 said DeCroce, R-Morris and Passaic. 

“In fact, her silence when he was under attack by Jim McGreevey tells everyone that her support depends on how much of a liberal jurist you are, not on how you interpret the law.”  

“Frankly, it is not too surprising that one of the glaring examples of a justice who believes the judiciary is entitled to intrude into the other branches of government would advocate keeping the status quo of the court,” 

continued DeCroce. 

“Those sitting on the bench are required to be impartial, but the former chief justice is able to selectively decide when it is appropriate to take a side. Her support for Justice Wallace only indicates her belief the judiciary should continue to act as a super legislature.” 

Senator Gerald Cardinale, the ranking Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a  long-time critic of judicial activism, said the following: 

“The need to bring change to the court has nothing to do with partisanship. Former Chief Justice Poritz is proof of that.  She was appointed by a Republican governor and presided over some of the most egregious, unwise and costly opinions ever issued by any court.” 

“In fact, former Chief Justice Poritz is the best example of an activist judge who legislated from the bench and cost the long-suffering taxpayers of New Jersey billions of dollars.” 


 “I believe that former Chief Justice Poritz is the best argument for bringing balance, common sense and a clear understanding of the constitution and state statute back to the court.  Governor Christie’s nominee will help restore the court to that reasonable standard.  I hope that the Senate Judiciary Committee and the full Senate act quickly to grant her a full and fair conformation hearing.” 

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  1. Donald Sico permalink
    May 7, 2010 10:07 am

    Poritz was the worst supreme court justice in the history of New Jersey. Why anyone would care what she has to say is beyond me.

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