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Gay Marriage Question for the High Court.

May 8, 2010

Garden State Equality Protest

This week the ACLU joined in a lawsuit claiming that same-sex couples do not have full rights under New Jersey’s civil unions law.   In March Lambda Legal on behalf of six same-sex couples asked the New Jersey Supreme Court to grant them the right to marry.  The lawsuit was filed after the New Jersey Senate defeated a bill to legalize gay marriage.   

Interestingly enough the ACLU announcement comes after the Governor announced he was nominating Anne Patterson to the New Jersey Supreme Court in an effort to “bring balance and change to the Supreme Court“.   

Given the events of last week we are prompted to ask the Saturday Question:  

Cast your vote and let your opinion be heard!  

Results from our previous question, “Who is the Republican front-runner for the presidential nomination 2012?” are tabulated.  The results may surprise you!  


In May of 2010 ROMNEY is the favorite for the presidential nomination in 2012.  The poll results are below:  


Mitt Romney 

Sarah Palin 

Tim Pawlenty 

Newt Gingrich 

Mike Huckabee 

Ron Paul 

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