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Thanks Jim Maley! Taxes are going up 17% in Collingswood

May 11, 2010

Jim Maley

Collingswood is the true essences of the American town. Because of unchecked government spending, Maley now finds himself choosing between even more borrowing, taxing, and spending or finding more effective means to build a budget that is truly sustainable for all its citizens. Guess what Maley chose??  

Collingswood Mayor Jim introduced at a borough budget that would escalate municipal taxation by 17%. The taxpayer who owns an average home assessed at $232,000 would see an increase to the municipal portion of their tax bill by $287.   

Maley wants to cut jobs in the most important areas of its community, the Fire and Police departments. The Collingswood mayor says he has a budget short fall. According a report in The Retrospect, Maley will layoff a total of four police officers, three firefighters and two public works employees.    

The best part is Maley wants a $750,000 bond to pay for the Lumber Yard project and help sustain the “PRIDE Grant”. The pride grant gives home owners $150 if they do something to improve the outside of their house. Yes it is true Male is borrowing money, paying interest on the borrowed money and then giving the money away for his pet “Pride Grant” project.    
The Camden County Republican Freeholder team of George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro think this is just wrong. 

George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro

“It seems Jim Maley got budgeting tips form the current Camden County Freeholder board.“   

said George Zallie, Republican Freeholder candidate.   

“Reckless budgeting and irresponsible bonding is exactly what  Ed McDonnell and the Camden County Freeholders are most known for.  I do not see how any responsible government official could raise taxes, lay off essential public safety employees, and borrow money to fund a PRIDE grant.  Appalling!”   

Zallie’s running mate, Scot DeCristofaro, said,  

 “If Collingswood is to have a sustainable future in the long run, it should look to towns like Haddon Heights that are actually seeing a decrease in taxes.  Instead of following the tax and spend Camden County freeholder lead Jim Maley should call Scott Alexander or Rose Fitzgerald to see how Haddon Heights was able to introduce a budget tat lowed property taxes” 


Haddon Heights will see a decrease in taxes if the Camden County Freeholders do not raise taxes above 6%.  The best part is Haddon Heights is lowering taxes without laying off any public safety or public works employees.  Imagine if Collingswood was able to do this for its citizens. The final vote on the Collingswood budget will be June 14th.    

“With what is going on — not just in Collingswood, but all throughout most of Camden County, reform and change is the order of the day, and I’m ready to do my part,”  

noted Scot DeCristofaro, a New Jersey businessman.



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  1. May 11, 2010 4:55 pm

    It is amazing to see special intrest over take the welfare of the citizenship. Anyone see the fire today in collingswood. 5 different fire departments were called in from Gloucester city cherry hill westmont and others


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