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DiCicco’s Bill Will Extend Preferences to Veterans

May 13, 2010

Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco

Today, Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco will introduce legislation that would require all municipalities and counties to extend hiring preferences to veterans, regardless of whether they have adopted provisions of Title 11A in the New Jersey Statute pertaining to Civil Service.

            “I believe that it is perfectly reasonable that if a veteran is equally qualified for a position with other candidates for a public sector job they deserve preference, regardless of whether the authority has adopted the pertinent civil service rules for hiring,”

said DiCicco. 

“The least we can do as a society is afford those who served our country and helped defend it the opportunity for employment, providing they meet the qualifications for the job.”

“This legislation would codify that fully qualified veterans are not excluded by those localities that may opt out of civil service,”

continued DiCicco. 

“My objective is to eliminate any doubt that first choice for hiring is given to someone who served in the military.  I don’t want to hope that non-civil service towns or counties will still respect the provision in the Civil Service Statute. I want to make it law.”

DiCicco’s bill, A-2716, will be introduced to the New Jersey Assembly Today.

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  1. Vanessa Posada permalink
    May 13, 2010 4:39 pm

    Veterans looking for a job once they complete military service may want to consider a career in the apartment industry. There is a podcast on that talks about “Hire a Hero” and how it is working with the apartment industry.

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