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Mayor Alexander Delivers a Haddon Heights Property Tax Reduction

May 13, 2010

Mayor Scott Alexander

Haddon Heights Democrats are mad and scared.  Mayor Scott Alexander and Council President Rose Fitzgerald have offered the tax payers a property tax reduction for the second straight year. FACT: Not since 1941 and 1942  has Haddon Heights seen two consecutive years of tax reductions. 

The Haddon Height Republicans were able to offer a tax reduction for its residents without furloughs, layoffs or other budget gimmicks.

The desperate and misguided Haddon Heights Democrats are trying to get the public to belive the Camden County Freeholders are the reason taxes are lower in Haddon Heights.  Are they for real?  Think about that for a minute.  …….  Take another minute if you need it.  The recent Democrat e-mail said,

“Property taxes were reduced because of the excellent work of …… the Camden County Freeholders”. 

This statement does not even begin to pass the straight face test.  The Camden County Freeholders are the reason taxes are lower in Haddon Heights?  Hardly.   If the Camden County Freeholders were the cause of lower taxes then how do the Haddon Heights Democrats explain higher property taxes in the overwhelming majority of Camden County towns?


The hurtful truth is the Camden County Freeholders are reckless and irresponsible and the Haddon Heights Republicans  have been hard at work doing what Republicans do;  limit government and reduce taxes.  

Unfortunately, Haddon Heights Democrats, much like Camden County Freeholders, will say anything, really anything to get elected.  Voters in Haddon Heights know better.

Below is a video of Mayor Alexander discussing the 2010 Budget and how Republicans worked hard to save the tax payers money and REDUCE Property Taxes in Haddon Heights two years in a row.

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