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Jim Beach: More Conservative Than Laura Bush?

May 14, 2010

Jim Beach

Some things I’ll never understand.  Jim Beach, a very liberal democrat and co-chair of the Camden County Democrat Party, refuses to vote for gay marriage legislation in New Jersey.  You may remember when the New Jersey Senate was voting on a gay marriage bill Jim Beach was conspicuously missing and Garden State Equality had a tizzy

Contrast that with former first lady, Laura Bush.  Bush told Larry King she was pro gay-marriage and pro-choice.  Don’t believe me?  Watch the video. 

So let me get this straight Jim Beach opposes Gay Marriage and Laura Bush is for it? (Before you send the e-mail the choice of words was intentional.)  The sad commentary is in all likelihood this is a shameless publicity stunt on the part of Laura Bush and her publisher.  Shame on them both. If Laura had theses beliefs in 1981 then shame on her for suppressing them until she wanted to sell a book. 

Don’t buy or read her book!

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  1. Linda Quallet Fox permalink
    May 17, 2010 7:31 pm

    I don’t agree. It’s not uncommon for a first lady and/or political candidate’s spouse to keep their personal views as just that….Personal. They’re not the person running for political office so why should they view their opinions? As Mrs. Bush mentioned in the interview, the public doesn’t vote for the spouse.

    This isn’t much different that what other first ladies have done when their husbands have stepped down, including the former Mrs. Bush, who also revealed that she disagreed with her husband’s stance on many issues.

    I’m sure, Mr. Chairman, that your spouse (if there is one) holds some opinions that differ with your own, but should she share those dissents with the public on an ongoing basis? And if she did, what good would her dissent bring to your public and private life. What would be “earned” in her doing so.

    And in that case, if your wife were to publish a book one day after you step down why shouldn’t we read it. It wouldn’t change my opinion, as Laura Bush’s views that differ with my own, didn’t change mine.

    I believe that President Bush was one of the most courageous of all time and I also believe that history will one day hold that to be true. As his wife and a long term supporter of our party Mrs. Bush deserves our kindness and respect regardless of whether she agrees with the more conservative side of “us” 100% of the time.

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