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Greenwald: Kissing Babies or Collecting Campaign Cash?

May 18, 2010

Lou Greenwald Photo Credit: T. Kurdzuk/Star-Ledger

This would be really funny if it was not so sad.  The State Budget in Trenton is a mess.  Our Governor and the Republicans in the legislature are focused on finding sustainable ways to balance a budget.  You might think Lou Greenwald, as the Assembly Budget Chair, would be focused on cutting spending and trying to bring meaningful tax relief to New Jersey tax payers.  If that was the case we would not have had our most recent laugh. 

According to a report, a recent poll conducted by the Monmouth University Polling Institute found that the majority of New Jerseyans favor allowing supermarkets to sell alcoholic beverages.  Really?  This made us curious.  


We went to the Monmouth University Polling Institute web site and tried to read the poll.  Unfortunately, we could not find the poll report.  Click here to see the Monmouth University Polling Institute published reports.  Odd.  This made us wonder

The NewsJerseynewsroom report said the Poll was paid for by the Retailers for Responsible Liquor Licensing.  We had never heard of this group so we did a little research.  Ahhh the beauty of the internet.  We found the Retailers for Responsible Liquor Licensing web site.  And yes we found the poll referenced in the news report.  The poll was bought and paid for by a special interest group. Uh oh.  This made us sceptical

Here comes the fun.  Lou Greenwald introduced Assembly bill, A2591, known as the “New Jersey Grocery Store Economic Development Act”  to “update the state’s liquor licensing laws” and “stimulate local economies”.  We previously alerted you to Lou’s desire to allow supermarkets to sell liquor beer and wine.  The article finds support for the bill because a poll commissioned by a special interest group says the people favor the legislation.  HA!  This makes us laugh

The “Poll” that was purchased by the special interest group found that strong opponents out numbered stong supporters.  That was not reported.  The bigger problem is Greenwald’s apparent closeness to this special interest group.  Do people really want their childer to have ready access to liquor in supermarkets or is Greenwald reading a poll purchased by a special interest group?   Does this make you wonder how many members of the special interest group are financially supporting Lou Greenwald’s campaign?  The next time you see Lou Greenwald in front of a supermarket ask yourself is he there to kiss babies or collect campaign contributions? 

Not Laughing??  The Joker is.  Look Below. 

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  1. RED CamCO permalink
    May 18, 2010 9:30 am

    Greenwald has received campaign contributions from several well known beer companies. There is only ONE reason Budweiser would contribute to Greenwald, and it’s paying off. Louis is once again selling his vote.

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