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Runyan Calls on Adler to Cancel Fundraiser

May 18, 2010

From the Runyan for Congress Campaign:

Adler excuse that Wall Street fundraiser is ok because it was scheduled

before he actively supported Wall Street reform is “ridiculous”

May 18, 2010 – Saying Congressman John Adler’s latest double-talk in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer – that there is nothing hypocritical about Adler’s $1,000 per ticket Wall Street fundraiser because it was scheduled before Adler became a vocal supporter of Wall Street reform – was “completely ridiculous,” Republican congressional candidate Jon Runyan (NJ-3) called on Adler to do the right thing, cancel tomorrow’s fundraiser and return any contributions associated with it.

More Adler Double-Talk in the Philadelphia Inquirer

“The statements in favor of overhauling Wall Street, coupled with taking campaign checks from the industry, make Adler a hypocrite, according to the campaign of Jon Runyan, a Republican candidate in the Third District, which runs through Burlington and Ocean Counties and includes Cherry Hill in Camden County.


But Adler’s campaign says Runyan isn’t playing fair. The fund-raiser, scheduled for Wednesday night in Washington, was scheduled long before Adler ramped up pressure in support of the Senate bill. Adler opposed the controversial bank bailout and has long supported financial reform, they say.”


 “Only a career politician like John Adler could come up with such a completely ridiculous excuse to justify why it’s ok to bash Wall Street on one hand and take their campaign cash with his other, and then say it with a straight face,”

said Runyan. 

“Regular people are tired of politicians who say one thing at home and do the exact opposite in Washington.  Congressman Adler should do the right thing, cancel his fundraiser tomorrow night and return any contributions associated with it.”

          From yesterday’s Runyan press release:

Adler Statement on KYW Radio

“The people of my part of New Jersey and all over the country are outraged by what Wall Street did to us. I know that they’re outraged as well that people of both parties in Washington aren’t sitting down and working together to solve the problem.”


Bloomberg News Report on Adler

“Some members of Congress have criticized Wall Street one month only to ask the industry for money the next. U.S. Representative John Adler, a New Jersey Democrat, demanded accountability from Wall Street in an April 29 statement. This week, he’s holding what is billed as a “financial services dinner” in Washington with a minimum contribution of $1000.

Adler, 50, who supported House Democratic legislation in December that will have to be reconciled with a Senate bill, is one of five House Financial Services Committee members holding fundraisers in May seeking banking industry contributions. His spokesman, Ryan Carbain, didn’t respond to phone calls and e- mails seeking comment.”


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