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Let’s Amend The New Jersey Constitution to Protect Tax Payers

May 20, 2010

George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro

Everyone in Camden County knows we need Property Tax Relief.  Our Governor has proposed meaningful reform to control local and county property taxes.  “Cap 2.5” is a proposed constitutional amendment that would not let county government, municipal government, or school boards raise taxes by more than 2.5%.  This proposal is supported by your Republican County Freeholder Candidates, George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro and Haddon Heights Mayor Scott Alexander.

Chris Christie

Yesterday, Governor Chris Christie announced the launch of a new web page, “Cap 2.5: Real Property Tax Relief Now.” The web page will serve as a resource for information on Governor Christie’s proposed amendment to the New Jersey State Constitution.  The web page features a video message from Governor Christie, footage from town hall meetings and a detailed fact sheet on Cap 2.5. In addition, visitors can find a list of mayors who have voiced support of the proposed amendment and the option to sign a petition in support of Cap 2.5.


Cap 2.5, the centerpiece of Governor Christie’s reform agenda, is a constitutional amendment creating a 2.5% cap on the increase in the property tax levy by municipal, school and county taxes and a 2.5% cap on spending for State government operations.  Under Governor Christie’s proposal, the property tax levy cap allows for adjustments in the event a municipality adds new ratables, and provides a single exclusion from the cap: debt service payments.

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  1. May 20, 2010 11:33 am

    A Constitutional Law that forces governemnt to use the taxes they take in in a more proper way is better for all of us. with all the programs now how much more money does government really need from tax payers? Doesn’t the average tax payer alread feel burdened

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