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Adler Continues to Run from the Issue of Jobs, Economy

May 22, 2010

We have been saying it for some time.  John Adler does not care about the average worker in New Jersey.  The fact that so many residents in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District are unemployed is not a concern to him.  You may recall our earlier Adler posts “Dude Where is my Job?” ,  Adler’s Unemployment Problem is Not Going Away, and Adler’s Job-Killing Agenda  just to name a few.  For a complete listing of all of our Adler postings click here.

See if the following release from the NRCC continues the message:

Rather than address New Jersey’s unemployment problem, Democrat John Adler and his Washington party bosses continue to pursue their partisan anti-jobs agenda. In fact, over the past few months, Adler and his Democrat friends have done everything they can to avoid talking about the economy. Instead of creating jobs and paying off our nation’s record-breaking debt, House Democrats have pushed full speed ahead with their job-killing runaway spending spree. Now, the economy is so bad off that Adler and his party leaders refuse to even pass a budget. With an unemployment rate of 9.8 percent and Adler’s career on the line, it’s time for him to start looking for answers for struggling New Jersey families.

“If [Democrats] fail to pass a budget, they’ll be portrayed as ineffective. But there could also be peril for other politically vulnerable Democratic lawmakers if they are forced to vote on a blueprint that’s covered in red ink.” (Jonathan Allen, “Budget looms over midterm elections,” Politico, 5/10/10)


”Skipping a budget resolution this year, a move House Democrats are considering, would be unprecedented.


“The House has never failed to pass an annual budget resolution since the current budget rules were put into place in 1974, according to a Congressional Research Service report.” (Walter Alarkon, “House Has Passed Budget Resolution Every Year Since Budget Act, According to

Study,” The Hill, 4/14/10)


With jobless claims on the rise, the economy doesn’t seem to be improving any time soon:

“New jobless claims filed last week rose by 25,000 to 471,000, the government reported moments ago, defying predictions that they would drop. It’s the largest rise in three months…The official U.S. unemployment rate in April was 9.9 percent, up from 9.7 percent in March.”


“Today’s news is less encouraging. Economists say that substantial new job creation won’t happen until the new weekly jobless claims number gets down into the low 400,000s or upper 300,000s and stays there. Right now, it remains frustratingly stuck in the mid-400,000s.” (Frank Ahrens, “New weekly jobless claims rise by 25,000, surprising forecasters,” Washington Post, 5/20/2010)


“John Adler has been running scared from New Jersey’s unemployment problem,”

said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain.

“After his failed trillion-dollar stimulus flop, Adler and his out-of-touch Washington party bosses have done everything they can to avoid confronting the issues of jobs and the economy.  Now, they’re even refusing to pass a budget. With jobless claims on the rise and the economy still struggling, New Jersey families deserve some answers. Will Adler ever answer the simple question: Where are the jobs?”


Will it take losing in November for Adler to finally come to grips with reality?

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  1. RED CamCO permalink
    May 23, 2010 12:48 am

    “This business of raising a million dollars for a $49,000 legislative seat is nonsense. This was a major investment by people who look to gain personally.” Zane said after his loss to Sweeney, largely due to the investment Norcross made for the seat.

    Alder, Greenwald, Andrews, Nash…pick any CamCo you want…Cooper, Rowan, etc all bought and influenced by Norcross. Alder hangs with a shady bunch.

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