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May 25, 2010

Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco

Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco, R-Gloucester and Camden, responded today to the first partisan attack of the 2011 election cycle and urged Moriarty to put partisan rhetoric aside and get serious about putting our state back on the track to fiscal solvency. 

 “I’m not surprised that Paul Moriarty is disappointed that his $600 million tax increase on small employers in New Jersey was vetoed,” 

stated DiCicco.  

“This is the same guy who has voted to increase payroll taxes, to increase energy taxes and even increased taxes on health care.” 


DiCicco noted that Moriarty increased taxes by $1.3 billion at a time when our economy was collapsing and tens of thousands of residents were leaving our state. 

“Last year I promised the voters of the 4th district to oppose any new tax increases.  Period.  I am keeping that promise.”  

DiCicco said.  

“New Jersey is overtaxed and overspent.  It’s very easy to sit back and raise taxes.  It takes leadership and determination to say “NO.”  It takes leadership and determination to cut wasteful spending and rein in state government.” 


“I’m also very disappointed that Moriarty would stoop to scaring seniors with his desperate campaign-style attack press release,” 

stated DiCicco.  

“He knows full well that the funding for PAAD and Senior Gold have been restored by the Governor.  Not only have they been restored, but they’ve been restored — without raising taxes to pay for it.  Again, this is a concept lost on Mr. Moriarty.” 


Additional funding for the PAAD and Senior Gold program was obtained due to increases in rebate collections from drug manufacturers, higher utilization of generic drugs, expanded eligibility for enrollment in Medicare Part D’s Low Income Subsidy Program and manufacturer discounts in Medicare Part D “donut hole.” 

DiCicco continued, 

“The fact is last weeks legislation would have raised taxes on small employers and driven even more jobs out of state.  We just can’t afford to lose anymore jobs with more Moriarty tax increases.  I’ve spent the last several months talking to business owners throughout our district and they all say the same thing – stop taxing us out of state.” 


DiCicco is referring to his small business task force survey program where he is partnering with business owners to find ways to make doing business in New Jersey work again.  

He also noted that according to New Jersey Business and Industry Association, an estimated 35 percent of new revenues from the Democratic proposed income tax increase would have been paid by employers. Many smaller companies pay their business taxes through the personal income tax. New Jersey is already at a competitive disadvantage with Pennsylvania , where the income tax rate is a flat 3.07 percent, while the vetoed legislation would have raised New Jersey ’s to 10.75 percent. 

DiCicco concluded, 

“For years Paul Moriarty had one answer to every problem: increase taxes.  Higher payroll taxes, higher energy taxes, higher health care taxes.  Those days are over, Paul.  Last year, I promised the voters to stop these runaway tax increases and that is why they sent me to Trenton.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with Mr. Moriarty to find new solutions and new ideas to cut government spending and create new jobs – without raising state taxes.”             

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