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Philadelphia Freeholders?

May 26, 2010

Leone-Zwillinger, Zallie, and DeCristofaro

Freeholder Candidates Scot DeCristofaro and George Zallie, along with Surrogate Candidate  Christine Leone-Zwilling were on hand Tuesday night for a fundraiser hosted by the Dilworth Paxson law firm in Philadelphia.  The event hosted over 75 people from across the Delaware Valley.  The reception had people from Camden, Burlington, Delaware, Chester, Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.   Our candidates heard how the problems that face our county are hurting the people and businesses in Camden County 

When comparing Camden County to other counties in the Delaware Valley it is quiet obvious that Camden County lacks government leaders who care about economic development and the financial well-being of its residents.  Both George and Scot are business owners who understand the struggles that face small business and regular citizens in Camden County and New Jersey.  

Last night as the Zallie-DeCristofaro team  stood in the high-rise center city building and gazed out toward Camden County they noticed that the tallest building in Camden City is the government building.  Camden City hall is symbolic of the Democrats’ growth plan for Camden County  – bigger and larger government with no regard to the onerous taxes killing the private sector. 


How much of your pay goes toward paying for programs that seem to go nowhere? How many times have you looked at your pay check only to see even more money was taken out for the government?  How many times have you heard politically connected companies awarded contracts? 

Below are some photos from the event. 

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  1. May 26, 2010 11:47 am

    The most importnat thing to see is that the largest industry in Camden County is government

  2. Camille Capobianco permalink
    May 26, 2010 10:01 pm

    People need the change George and Scott will bring as George said that night, he listens to his customers at Shoprite and he will listen to the taxpayers. How many jobs have the freeholders been able to lure to Camden county and how many have been lost to other local areas?

    We need real business leadership!

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