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Lying Democrats!

May 27, 2010

Barack Obama


It is true. Either Democrat Pennsylvania US Senate candidate Joseph Sestak is lying or the White House is.  As a Republican in South Jersey this warms my heart.   

You may recall liberal Arlen Spector, who for many years was a “Republican” (read RINO), and who all too often found himself voting with the Democrats. Arlen switched parties, ala Winslow’s Sue Ann Metzner (you could use any traitor here),  and became a Democrat to save his political career.  No one (except the Obama administration and the White House staff) was fooled.  

Joe Sestak declared hims self a true liberal (read socialist) Democrat and ran against Arlen in the Pennsylvania Democrat Primary.  We all know Arlen was sent packing and Sestak won the primary! Pennsylvania Democrats seem to love communistic Democrats! 

Ok, here is the best part:  It is alleged that the White House offered Sestak a federal job not to run in the primary against Spector.  

Now for those of you wondering how this relates to Camden County……think for a moment.  Do the names Hansen and Matheussen et al ring a bell?  Ok – Ok on with the good stuff. 


Here is a video of the White House vs. Sestak spat.  I just love watching two Democrats trying to claim the other Democrat is lying.  See for yourself! 

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