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Gloucester Township Kickoff

May 28, 2010

Leone-Zwillinger, Zallie, and DeCristofaro

On Thursday May 27th the Gloucester Township Republicans played host to Assemblyman Domenick  DiCicco and Camden County GOP Candidates.  GTRMC Chair, Ray Polidoro, welcomed Freeholder candidates George Zallie, & Scot DeCristofaro along with  Surrogate candidate Chris Leone-Zwillinger, and Congressional Candidate Dale Glading.

Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco, reminded the crowd that he is delivering on camping promises to hold the line on taxes and cut spending.

George Zallie reminded the faithful of the consequences of the high taxes facing our county, and its imact on small business that create good paying jobs in the county.  As our tax base diminishes Camden County we are left to pay the cost of the current freeholder boards outrageous self-interested projects that have neither helped Camden County nor attracted small businesses with good paying jobs. 

Freeholder Candidate Scot DeCristofaro said “that it is time for the people of Camden County to one again have a voice in their government and have a say over the future of their county.  It is high time that someone points out the problems that are plaguing our county and begin to address the issue of one person holding multiple  tax payer funded jobs and pensions.”  

This November Democrat freeholder Ed McDonnell will have one less tax payer funded job.

Below are a few photos from the event.


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