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Camden County Republicans Work For Victory in November

June 2, 2010

Leone-Zwillinger, Zallie, and DeCristofaro


Yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer did a story about Republican chances to win seats in South Jersey.  I could not agree more that our opportunities for victory in November are the best they have been  in a while.  That is in large part due to the strength of our Surrogate-Freeholder ticket of Leone-Zwillinger, Zallie and DeCristofaro.  They along with Dale Glading and Jon Runyan will lead column 1 to victory on June 8th.  

Remember, Column 1 is the Camden County Regular Republican Party

Apparently, not every Republican is happy with our chances for success this November.  In the same article Phil Guerrieri chose to focus on his past loses and told the Inquirer, “… Ambrosino [the party] was … unwilling to allocate the funding the campaign needed.”   

 The record needs to be set straight.   

No one (except Guerrieri) was” unwilling” to allocate resources to the Cherry Hill race in ’09.  We simply cannot “allocate” what we do not have. If Guerrieri wanted an “allocation” of big campaign cash he should have remained a registered Democrat and gotten his “allocation” from them.  I’m sure that is how Platt beat him the first time – big Camden County Democrat “allocations”.  

 Sadly, I wish the Camden County Republicans had “allocations” to support all of the candidates that work so hard to bring good government to Camden County.  The problem is with county committee members like Guerrieri who will not contribute to his own party “allocations” can be hard to come by.  
The fact remains, Phil Guerrieri has never made a contribution to “his” Republican party.  Worse yet he is unwilling to take any personal responsibility for his failed runs for office – including the fact that he failed to knock on his share of doors, raise his fair share of money and call his share of  voters. Apparently, it’s easier for Phil Guerrieri to complain about things than to actually do anything to contribute to Republican causes and campaigns.


One of the hallmarks that separates Republicans from Democrats is personal responsiblity.  Guerrieri consistently demonstrates the he has no concept of personal responsiblity.  Maybe he is better suited as a Camden County Democrat.
 Tune in later today for comment from Cherry Hill Municipal Chair Richard Ambrosino.







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  1. Diana B. permalink
    June 4, 2010 2:25 pm

    I would like to see biographies of some of the lesser known candidates. can someone from the party send me this info or a site to visit for this election?

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