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Murphy and We the People Slate … Defrauding Voters?

June 2, 2010

Justin Murphy

As a follow-up to our earlier post – a message from Cherry Hill Republican Chair Richard Ambrosino:

Yesterday an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer correctly points out that the Republican Party in Camden County — at the county and local level — is poised to make exciting gains this November.

But the piece fails to explain the motivations behind some of this year’s primaries.  For example, in Cherry Hill a group of disgruntled pseudo-Republicans have joined forces with erstwhile Congressional candidate Justin Murphy in an effort try to thwart the gains made by the Cherry Hill Republican Organization.

This slate — led by Murphy — is a group of former Democrats and phony Republicans.  Murphy himself has no right to even call himself a Republican.  As a Tabernacle Committeeman he voted to raise spending and property taxes almost 75% in just three years.  He’s never owned a home or paid property taxes.  He cannot and does not understand what hardworking taxpayers are going through and his record is not that of a real Republican who would protect our tax dollars in Congress.

His running mates have similarly lousy records.  Most on his “We The People” team are former Democrats who have never supported a Republican candidate financially or otherwise.  Many of them have poor records of even coming out to vote themselves.  Their leader, Phil Guerrieri, has never contributed to a Republican candidate, including his own failed candidacy for Cherry Hill Mayor in 2007 and Cherry Hill Council in 2009.  Many of you have contributed more to Guerrieri’s past failed campaigns than he even has.

The Courier-Post has also reported on Murphy’s numerous issues.  Murphy defrauded his campaign contributors by paying himself a salary and awarding himself gas money from his congressional campaign account, which may be a violation of federal campaign finance laws.

Murphy also said awarded himself a one-time “salary” from his campaign committee in the amount of $302.58 on May 14 to make his monthly car loan payment.

Murphy also said he dipped into his campaign treasury to buy $300 in Wawa gasoline cards for himself.

According to the Federal Election Commission, non-incumbent candidates are permitted to award themselves a salary under certain conditions, although making a routine loan payment on a private vehicle used for campaigning represents a gray area.

According to the report Murphy may have also defrauded taxpayers by filing an illegal  unemployment claim as a self-employed individual.

“I laid myself off due to unexpected delays in business formation and client procurement,” Murphy wrote in script over his signature on the municipal-state document dated April 18, 2003. “Currently collecting unemployment.”

On Tuesday, Murphy said he did not recall writing that statement and that it would have been illegal in New Jersey for a self-employed businessman to collect unemployment.

And now the Murphy/Guerrieri team are trying to defraud Cherry Hill voters by running a dishonest, negative campaign against hard-working real Republicans like you, who, year after year, have given of their time and support to GOP candidates up and down the ballot.  Their campaign website and literature contain statements that are factually incorrect and, in many cases, patently untrue…and they know it.

But the positive part of it all is that our success — in the county and in Cherry Hill — is what is driving our opponents.  They see, like the voters of Cherry Hill, that the Republican Party in Cherry Hill and Camden County is real, is viable, and has concrete ideas and real solutions to put taxpayers first.

Now more than ever Republicans need to vote for the Runyan Republican Team in Column 1 in the June 8th Primary Election. 

Rich Ambrosino

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  1. Chris Swithers permalink
    June 2, 2010 4:26 pm

    Well…I listen…then I go and get my own information. Here’s what I FOUND OUT!

    Local municipal entities control no more than 9% of the local budget; at least this was the hard fact while he was on the Committee.

    For anything to pass, a minimum of three votes are needed. There is no Mayor to veto anything.

    With democrats controlling the town the previous year, the budget was in shambles when republicans won back control in 2000. The dems decided they did not need the million dollar surplus they inherited from republicans; they did away with most of it. In addition, they deferred school taxes to a level and degree never seen before in the then 100-year history of Tabernacle.

    Murphy told everyone, without exception, that if they elected him, or his republican primary opponent, or his general election democrat opponent, that their property taxes were going to increase. The question was, ‘how much’?

    Murphy’s campaign promises were to sell Tabernacle’s liquor license for revenue and a future tax ratable business for our town, and for the employment and convenience aspects. Promise made – promise kept. Murphy’s Market is situated on the 206 corridor in Tabernacle, and has provided the single largest piece of tax revenue to Tabernacle since its inception.

    Murphy also promised the voter that he would forfeit for the three year term, all health, medical, and dental benefits that he could have taken. Again, promise made and promise kept. These are issues he had control over.

    Murphy also stated his proposals where he could not gain majority vote unfortunately for Tabernacle:

    1) Township employees should take a 2% pay-raise (the current rate of inflation then) instead of the proposed 4% increase

    2)The Committee members should not be permitted to take both health benefits and the $5,000 a year salary; they should choose one, but not both

    3)The committee members should not be permitted to include their families on the health care benefit plan

    4)Township employees should not be extended health care benefits

    5)Though not a budget issue, I proposed a Resolution to honor our Military personnel serving in Afghanistan and later Iraq

    Murphy said: “Sadly, I could not get any of the other committee members to vote with me, or even second the motion to have a vote. This was very disappointing to me, and heavily influenced my decision to not seek reelection at the local level. ”

    “If my ideas above were implemented, we would never have experienced a local purpose tax rate increase for the 3 years I was on the committee.”

    “The first budget was an increase of approximately 5 cents, the second budget was an increase of approximately 2 cents, and the 3rd and final budget I voted on was almost a zero increase. As a committee, we had basically eliminated the increases by getting to near zero the 3rd year. If my ideas were implemented, that would have happened in the first or second budget. I was satisfied to be at zero/near zero, I just wanted it to happen sooner.”

  2. Keith permalink
    June 2, 2010 9:50 pm

    Tell me How does the Party Represent WE THE PEOPLE by choosing an candidate prior to the Primary? Mr Ruyan has a very limited grasp of the issues of the day he’s on page 1 of the conservative playbook, which is like learning the West Coast offense. He has only been a republican for 3 months. So tell me again Rich, why is the CCGOP & BCGOP endorsing Runyan? And you say Murphy is destroying all the hard work and gains you have made in CC? My parents were very involved in the mid 70’s in Cherry HIll politics. You all lost it in the 80’s and you will never get it back. Cherry Hill is done. Greed has consumed that town. Their taxes in 1988 where almost 9k. I can’t imagine what they are today. That why I live in Burlington County now.

  3. John Taylor permalink
    June 8, 2010 10:33 pm

    John Runyan??? Is that the best that you people could come up with? Was the Kixx mascot not available? The party could have gotten anyone to run in this cycle. Murphy spent $13K and received over 40% of the vote. What does that say? It says you backed the wrong horse. This will be a republican year, but not here. When presented with a golden opportunity to unseat an incumbent, you don’t run a football player who refuses to debate an under-funded primary opponent. Maybe you want to lose. Maybe the Democrats toss you patronage crumbs so long as you don’t make waves. Maybe you take orders from the NJEA. Runyan ducked Murphy. He won’t be able to duck Adler. What a joke!

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