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Camden County Regular Republican Party Column 1

June 3, 2010

In Cherry Hill on  June 8th Vote in the Republican Primary Election.  There is only one slate of candidates that has been endorsed by the state, county and local Republican Party… 

The Camden County Regular Republican Party: VOTE Column 1!

For Congress: 


For Camden County:

Leone-Zwillinger, Zallie, and DeCristofaro

Christine Leone-Zwillinger for Surrogate, George Zallie & Scot DeCristofaro for Freeholder 

For Cherry Hill: 

Your Cherry Hill Republican Committee: 

Richard Ambrosino, Jr.               Susan Badaracco 

James E. Morris                               Theresa Land-Fitzpatrick 

Jeffrey J. Land                                  Lisa Bialoskurski 

Christopher Carlson                       Marcia Spatola 

Joseph Achacoso                            Rose Ann Casey 

Ian Sirota                                            Christine Leone-Zwillinger 

Steven Lever                                    Pamela Ambrosino 

Stuart Alterman                             Lorraine Gleaner 

Jim Millspaugh                               Cynthia Pickus 

Michael Sommeling                      Lori Durkin 

Carlo Santa Teresa                        Nancy Dwyer 

Bradley Mattson                            Elizabeth DeYoung 

Robert Whitekettle                       Michelle Corea 

George Zallie                                   Kathy Carrig 

Brian Greenberg                            Karen Harrison 

Please support the  Jon Runyan Team in Cherry Hill on Tuesday, June 8th! 


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  1. Keith permalink
    June 3, 2010 1:35 pm

    Runyan has been a republican for how many months now? and you the PArty Boss is making the choice for all of us? I don’t think so. He is ill-prepared to e a candidate against Adler.

    JUSTIN MURPHY was endorsed by the Inquirer not runyan. Mr. Murphy is articulate and clear on the issues of the day. He knows the constitution, He supports limited government, fiscal responsibility from government, energy independence, second amendment rights.

    Mr Runyan was not sure on most of those questions and more when he spoke to our group. He should continue in football not politics.

  2. Matthew permalink
    June 5, 2010 12:40 pm

    Jon runyan is a nice guy and a great football player. He is not even close to being ready to take on Adler or represent District 3 in Washington. It is that plain and simple. We need representation that has the experience and skills not the name from the gridiron. Jon says the right tag lines however has no depth or experience after that. Justin Michael Murphy is head and shoulders above Jon and should have been endorsed by the NJ GOP. Go JUSTIN MURPHY!!!!!

  3. Joe Mikus permalink
    June 6, 2010 7:07 pm

    South Jersey Mag- Runyan complains he pays $60,000 in property tax. Wish I could be able to complain like that!

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