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Shootout at the New Jersey Corral!

June 6, 2010

Chris Christie

During the next few weeks there is going to be a major showdown in Trenton. All parties in this skirmish are loading up on their ammunition and will be prepared to fire on cue. Interested citizens of New Jersey will be getting a close up view as they observe the dust that will be kicked up as a result of this gunfight.

On one side of this skirmish is the government employee gang. They will fight hard to maintain the large stake that they have in continuing the status quo. On the other side of the alley is the new sheriff in town. He will arrive without a posse. He knows that his badge of office, alone, is not enough to gun down the protectors of privilege, pride, and pensions. He will need to use all of his skills to intimidate the opposition and to maintain the confidence of those who voted him into office just six short months ago.

It is all to clear that the government gangs have taken over other towns, with odd sounding names, like California and New York. They have no cash in the till and they continue to horse around, avoiding serious solutions. Unless drastic changes are made they will become ghost towns as people continue to pull out stakes and move to more hospitable territory.

High noon is upon us. Tensions will rise and hot air will be spewing out of the Legislature. As citizens, we can only hope that Cowboy Chris has enough bullets in his belt to scare off the marauders and drive them off into the sunset.

Stew Bolno

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