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Column 1 the Best Way to Beat Democrats in November!

June 7, 2010

Jon Runyan

Jon Runyan is the only Republican candidate that can beat John Adler.  That is what we have been saying all along but the respected, non-partisan National Journal has the same analysis. 

Ex-Philadelphia Eagle Jon Runyan (R) entered the race against Rep. John Adler (D) highly touted, mostly because of his name ID and his ability to self-fund. But money hasn’t come rolling in, as he’s only raised $225K since entering the race earlier this year (Adler, meanwhile, has $1.8M CoH). Still, this is a very winnable seat for GOPers, as Gov. Chris Christie (R) took it by 17 points in ’09.

There is no doubt NJ-03 should be a Republican seat and that may explain the pockets of support for Justin Murphy. But National Journal reporter Tim Sahd aptly pointed out,

Runyan will have to get past ’08 candidate Justin Murphy (R), who’s raised just $13K for his bid. Murphy has been endorsed by some socially conservative organizations and a few dissident GOP groups, but Runyan has won the “line” of all three GOP counties, giving him a huge edge in the primary. An unlikely Murphy win would be a fatal blow to the party’s chances of winning the seat.

The bottom line; as Republicans it is most important that we beat John Adler.  That is why we need to vote Column 1 and elect John Runyan and the entire Column 1 team.

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  1. Reform NOW permalink
    June 7, 2010 11:53 am

    You mean justin m, a guy who paid himself from his CAMPAIGN donations to make a car payment and gas? You can forgive lots of things due to youth, inexperience, etc, but a candidate who misappropriates campaign funds then asks for the public trust while running for office….come on!?!?

    And this is the top of the ticket, really?

    • Beth G. permalink
      June 7, 2010 12:41 pm

      I believe Mr. Murphy answered on those claims. Nothing was misappropriated…sure is a shame he wasn’t a millionaire though…then the GOP would have wanted him on their ticket! They say they want to help our do you help by picking a candidate based on how much money they have in the bank? Isn’t that our problem right now…the people that just care about money?

      • Reform NOW permalink
        June 7, 2010 9:25 pm

        Yeah Beth, he did answer them…he confirmed he paid off a car loan and fired himself to go on unemployment, etc.

        If you really feel a candidate ought to pay himself, then sorry can’t help you. If you think there is a “big bad chairman party boss in CamCo”, then again sorry but I can’t help you.

        Beth, I wouldn’t vote for j.m. if he paid me $1 million to be on his campaign….the man is a FRAUD…….don’t we blame president obama for what he does???? shouldn’t we just j.m. for what he does???

        j.m. can say all the nice things we wants, but I choose to judge him for what he has actually done!

        Jon Runyan, on the other hand, has proven himself as a charitable man, a man accepted by his community—he will make a fine representative of The PEOPLE….he is perfect, no…of course not. But is is certainly not a con artist with a track record of acting in a strange way…..

    • John Taylor permalink
      June 8, 2010 11:15 pm

      Reform NOW: I’m sure John Runyan didn’t have any worries about making HIS car payments, what with the successful business which he runs. Oh wait, he doesn’t run a business, successful or otherwise. He’s a rich guy who has never done anything but play football. Wow, he must really understand what taxpayers are going through! Here’s the bottom line, he’s a clueless nobody who ducked Justin Murphy. I can’t wait for those debates with Adler.

      BTW, John Runyan described himself as a “fiscal conservative” in his REPUBLICAN PRIMARY mailings. Can I take from that that he’s a 100% social liberal? (Cherry Hill and Haddonfield are not the entire district.)

      What great charitable work has John Runyan performed? Has he made an appearance here and there? Has he lent his name? Wow, he must have been so tuckered out. Poor fella. Since you raised the issue, just what percentage of his net worth does John Runyan donate to charity per annum?

      Runyan has been “accepted by his community?” I didn’t even know he lived in NJ.

      As for Justin Murphy claiming unemployment, I believe that a business owner is entitled to claim unemployment if his business goes under. I’d rather be represented by someone who has experienced the real world than someone who has been shielded and coddled his whole life. John Runyan has never experienced the real world.

      (Oh, is it JON Runyan? It doesn’t matter. We’ll never hear his name again after November.)

  2. Joe Mikus permalink
    June 8, 2010 10:41 am

    Candidate Runyan lost my vote because of his property tax issue

  3. Keith permalink
    June 8, 2010 1:10 pm

    Reform now,
    Stop drinking the CoolAid! why us the handle “reform now” and then spew the crap you just wrote.
    j.m. is JUSTIN MURPHY. so cute using lower case letters.

    You allegations and accusations are completely false and you know it.
    I have spoken with both men and Murphy clearly is the best candidate to represent our district as well as the best choice to beat Adler.

    I Voted for JUSTIN MURPHY.

  4. John Taylor permalink
    June 9, 2010 8:00 am

    Congratulations, RINOs! I expect that I’ll VOTE for Runyan in November, but that’s all I’ll do. Pro-abortion candidates do not inspire me to give of my time and money. The only people who are so inspired by such candidates are DEMOCRATS.

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