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DiCicco Serves Up CAP 2.5 Support During Diner Tour

June 16, 2010


Domenick DiCicco


“CAP 2.5” legislation was Tuesday’s “special” at two diners in the 4th Legislative District where Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco was on hand to greet customers and discuss his support  of the two resolutions – ACR-130 and ACR-131 – which he has co-sponsored that would require voter approval to cap state and local spending, respectively, at 2.5 percent annually. 

            Though palatable to more than 200 bipartisan mayors in New Jersey who have announced their support of the governor’s property tax and spending reform plan, DiCicco said Democrat legislators are having a difficult time digesting the proposal. 

“It’s apparent they don’t have the stomach for it. Democrat governors and legislators have had eight years to keep New Jersey’s property tax rates at affordable levels and to control spending. They have squandered every opportunity,” 

DiCicco, R-Gloucester and Camden, told audiences during stops at the Whitman Diner in Turnersville, and the Meadows Diner in Blackwood as part of his “Diner Tour.” 

“It’s time to give real control of spending taxpayers’ money back to the voters,” 

he continued. 

“Unlike school budgets that are defeated by voters only to be overturned by a town council, or worse, a Trenton bureaucrat who overrules the will of the voters, CAP 2.5 legislation gives the people the lone authority to exceed the 2.5 percent spending cap at the state and local levels. If legislators are serious about providing real, permanent property tax relief and reform and giving the power to spend taxpayer money back to taxpayers, then they will support this legislation.”   

DiCicco was joined today by two mayors who have had a successful track record of cutting local spending and providing property tax relief. Speaking of his guests, Mayor Patrick Dougherty, R-Franklin, and Mayor Scott Alexander, R-Haddon Heights, both business owners who understand how to run government like a successful business, DiCicco stated, 

“These two public servants practice what they preach on property taxes and serve as examples of how local government can live within its means. It’s unfortunate that Pat and Scott are the exception to the rule.” 

Mayor Dougherty, who has been successful in reducing Franklin Township’s local budget by $500,000 over the last two years said, 

“As a business owner, the crippling weight of New Jersey’s tax burden has only been exacerbated by our poor economy. Businesses and families have been forced to live within their means. Politicians at every level of our government have an obligation to do the same. 

“CAP 2.5 is an essential tool to permanently ensure that our government is responsible with our taxpayers’ money, stated Dougherty. 

“Putting the brakes on outrageous government spending will help families and seniors afford to stay in our state and attract businesses vital to our economic growth.” 

Mayor Alexander, who was elected in 2008, was able to work with leaders in the county and on the board of education to provide his residents with a 2 percent tax decrease this year. 

“My message to local officials is to embrace this important reform,” 

said Alexander. 

“Working within a cap helps to put your budget in perspective and better prioritize spending with taxpayers in mind. If we could achieve this collective success in Haddon Heights, there is no reason to believe it could not be replicated across New Jersey.” 

Here are some photos from the Cap 2.5 rally at the Meadows Diner in Gloucester Township.  Enjoy! 

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