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Platt to Increase Cherry Hill Taxes…No Surprise!

June 17, 2010

Bernie Platt


By: Rich Ambrosino, Chairman,  CHRO

Wednesday’s Courier-Post and Philadelphia Inquirer included interesting articles on the proposed Cherry Hill Municipal Budget, which currently calls for a property tax hike of almost $200 for the average township homeowner.  Throughout, Mayor Platt seeks to place blame on everything from state aid cuts, to the sagging economy, to falling revenues.

According to the Courier Post article,

“Council members on Monday night approved a preliminary tax rate that would boost municipal property taxes by $49 per quarter for an average home assessed at $140,000…. 

Cherry Hill property owners also face a pending increase in the school tax — rising about $83 per year for an average home.”

But a few things taxpayers should know about how the Mayor’s flagrant spending and taxing of several years ago have led us to where we are today…it isn’t the economy or Trenton that we’re paying for now, its Mayor Platt’s inability to safeguard our tax dollars and plan for the future.

  • From 2003 through 2005 the Platt Administration increased the amount raised by municipal property taxes an unbelievable 74%!


  • During that same time period, spending under Platt increased 24%


This year’s proposed budget calls for $13.9 million MORE in spending than the 2005 budget – so the township is proposing to spend 22% more next year than it did five years ago.  Has your household spending increased that much in the last five years?  Probably not…a fact which clearly indicates that Mayor Platt and his administration aren’t doing enough to protect our tax dollars and are spending more time playing the blame game than running a transparent and efficient municipal government.

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  1. Cherry Hill Taxes permalink
    June 17, 2010 2:29 pm

    Instead of taxing the people Cherry Hill should sell another road to the county!!!!

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