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RNC Video and Statement on Obama/BP Spill in the Gulf

June 18, 2010

The Republican National Committee (RNC) released the  web video above in response to the President’s decision to finally meet with BP executives after 58 days of delay.   

 RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s statement is below.

“Over the past 58 days since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded tragically killing 11 workers, President Obama and his administration have dithered while the worst ecological disaster in American history has unfolded, wreaking environmental and economic havoc up and down the Gulf Coast. Leadership from this White House has been severely lacking. Since April 20th when this catastrophe began, President Obama has made the time to play six rounds of golf, take two vacations, attend two concerts, and go on cross-country fundraising junkets but not to pick up the phone and speak directly with the executives of BP. The Administration’s number one priority needs to be stopping this leak, cleaning up the damage, finding out what went wrong, and making sure nothing like this ever happens again. The American people are looking for Presidential leadership during this time of crisis, not executive finger-pointing or backroom political power-plays seeking to force through yet another unpopular Democratic proposal that would only devastate the economy even further.”

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  1. Seeing the Big Picture permalink
    June 20, 2010 7:03 pm

    Finally after all this time the President decided to speak to the Nation about the disastrous oil spill in the gulf. As usual he spoke for a very long time and said absolutely nothing of substance, as if somehow his words alone would stop the oil and clean up the mess. In the spirit of never letting a good crisis go to waste he did set out a plan, which to the surprise of no one who understand the liberal mentally, included the usual liberal solutions of blaming someone else, forming a committee to study the problem, speeding more money, more regulation, higher taxes and more restrictions on the domestic production of oil. Lost in all this rhetoric was how any of this was going to stop the oil spill or clean up the oil already in the Gulf and heading for the beaches and marsh lands. What was apparent was that it would kill jobs making more people dependent on the government, raise taxes and make us more dependent on foreign countries for oil. Apparently the White House believes these things are more important then stopping the leak and cleaning up the oil already in the Gulf and should be done first.

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