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Gloucester Township Republicans: Reorganized and Re-energized

June 20, 2010

Ray Polidoro GTRMC Chair

The Gloucester Township Republican Municipal Committee (GTRMC) met this past Sunday to welcome its newly elected members and elect its leadership team for the next two years.    Ray Polidoro was  re-elected as Chair and joined on the Executive Committee by Vice Chair, John Custodio; Secretary, Sharon Mickle;  Treasurer, Dennis Palmer; and Parliamentarian, James Bonnette, Sr.   

As a result of an increase in registered Republicans in Gloucester Township the committee is now one third larger.   The committee looks forward to challenging the Norcross-Mayer Democrats to bring open and accountable government to the residents.    


The re-election of Polidoro and his fellow officers was unanimous and is a further indication of a unified Republican Party.  The GTRMC with Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco also kicked off the local Republican club  membership drive.   

“People are tired of the Gloucester Township Democrat’s brand of closed-door government where who you know is more important than how you can help the town.”   

said Polidoro.    

“As a result, the GTRMC has grown in size and an increasing number of residents are openly expressing their support of our Republican principles,”  

added Polidoro.   The Republican Party will continue to offer voters an alternative and help bring common sense solutions back to our town.

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  1. R. Dunn permalink
    June 20, 2010 4:32 pm

    Gloucester township Old Democrats Mayer, Bianchini, Mercado are crooks and liars. We want them out of politics. Gloucester Township residents are being controlled by this “One World Order of Government” called the Norcross Machine.

  2. Theresa Land-Fitzpatrick permalink
    June 23, 2010 2:59 pm

    Congradulations to Gloucester Township Committee and it’s excellent choice in their leadership. It has shown what grass roots support is all about and how unity is not just a party affiliation, but a township unity. I am proud to see their party growing in ranks each day. With great leadership and proven candidates, I am sure that they can rescue Gloucester Township from the grips of the Norcross Machine and rid the town of its’ famous family tree that fills all the jobs in the town (including the summer jobs program). Good luck to all of you. You will always have my support.


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