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Runyan Says Pelosi-Adler Congress Not Only Dysfunctional, but Dishonest!

June 23, 2010

Jon Runyan

Seizing on a story in The Hill newspaper revealing that Nancy Pelosi, John Adler and Congressional Democrats are refusing to pass a full-fledged budget resolution in order to hide massive deficit projections over the next decade from the American people in an election-year, Republican congressional candidate Jon Runyan (NJ-3) today said the news “proves that the Pelosi-Adler Congress isn’t only dysfunctional, it’s dishonest.”

(Source: “House Dems prepare alternative to budget that would avoid deficit vote”

According to the story, House Democrats are readying an alternative budget measure that would set next year’s spending levels without requiring a vote on deficits which are expected to average nearly $1 trillion for the next decade.  Coining a phrase only a true Washington insider could muster, House Budget Committee Chairman John Spratt (D-SC) declared the alternative a “functional equivalent” of a full-fledged budget.

“The American people deserve better than ‘functional equivalents,’”

said Runyan. 

“They deserve the real thing.  The bottom line is this: Nancy Pelosi and John Adler know their reckless spending agenda has sent deficits soaring for generations to come, and now in an attempt to keep their grip on power they are using parliamentary tricks to hide trillions of dollars in red ink from the American people.  This latest outrage proves that the Pelosi-Adler Congress isn’t only dysfunctional, it’s dishonest.”

While Congress has failed to approve a final budget resolution four times since the current budget rules were put into place in 1974, this would be the first time the House had failed to even propose a budget resolution according to the story.

“John Adler has been voting for higher taxes, more spending and bigger government since the late 1980’s,”

said Runyan. 

“Now he’s in Washington, DC voting for Nancy Pelosi’s reckless agenda more than 90% of the time.  John Adler is a career politician who can’t be trusted to fix the problems we face because he’s the one who helped to create them in the first place.  This November, it’s time for him to go.”

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  1. Theresa Land-Fitzpatrick permalink
    June 24, 2010 11:36 am

    Adler; dishonest? Say it ain’t so! LOL. They won’t pass a budget, because they still need to pass more spending measures first and if they passed a budget the people would really know how large the deficit is going to be after this year’s record spending spree. Pelosi and Adler along with the other democrats know that if they passed the budget (the real one, not the alternative) that their chances of being re-elected will be even slimmer than they already are. They are trying to hide the truth from the people on how much in debt they have put us in. That’s why we need Jon to go down there and straighten things out. No more tricks or bills passed without reading them or finding the money to pay for it first. It’s time for a change and Jon is our best hope. We know he is not in it for money or power. He just wants to be a responsible citizen and bring back fiscal responsability to our government and end the nightmare we all have been living. Keep on telling it like it is Jon. Adler can run, but he cannot hide from his record. Everyone knows he was given a pass on Obama Care only after Pelosi had enough votes. If he was really against it, he would have fought to stop it. He’s always on tv when he wants to be seen, but during the Obama Care vote, he hid behind Pelosi skirt. Time to step up and tell the truth. Pelosi and Adler know that if they pass a budget, the debt will go up more than they told us it would. We don’t need an alternative budget, we need a realistic budget. One that we can afford to pay and one that does not increase our debt.

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