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Letterman Look Out!

June 29, 2010

In true “Letterman style”, the NJGOP has given us the Top Ten Reasons to Support Cap 2.5.  When Dave gives us his top 10 it is humorous unfortunately this top ten is very serious.  From NJGOP Charmian, Jay Webber:

 As we approach the July 6 deadline for Governor Chris Christie’s proposed state Constitutional Amendment, Cap 2.5 to be placed on lawmakers’ desks, the New Jersey Republican State Committee has created a list of 10 REASONS WHY WE NEED CAP 2.5 REFORM

10 reasons why Cap 2.5 will save New Jersey from sky-high property taxes.  10 reasons why Cap 2.5 will give permanent relief to New Jerseyans. 10 reasons why Governor Christie’s reform agenda will finally solve this pressing issue facing all our of state’s taxpayers.


10. Because New Jersey can’t afford to continue to have a nearly $11 billion deficit year-after-year.

We need to reduce the size of government and the amount of taxes paid to make New Jersey more affordable. Currently, New Jersey holds the highest deficit in the country. Our state spending has increased nearly 30 percent over the past eight years to a level that has become unsustainable.  Cap 2.5 will rein in this out of control spending, while giving New Jersey taxpayers the relief from our government’s insatiable appetite for tax increases. 


9. Because the Cap 2.5 reforms will force local governments to eliminate waste. 

Under Cap 2.5, municipalities and towns will have to refine their spending habits under the 2.5% cap on property tax increases.  Governor Christie’s 33 legislative reform tool kit that accompanies Cap 2.5 will aid local governments in operating to their maximum efficiency with the 2.5% ceiling on property tax increases.  The tool kit includes shared services reform that would allow municipalities to share services in a simpler way. This would be achieved by eliminating particular civil service protections that hamper mergers and make them too complicated. Governor Christie is looking out for local governments to make them operate to the best of their abilities, while cutting wasteful spending. 

8. Because we need pension reform to protect the future pensions of our police, firefighters and teachers.

We can’t afford not to bring public employee benefits in line with the private sector. Presently, our pension system has a $46 billion deficit. This is due in part because our benefits are at soaring heights, while public sector union contributions are too low.  In the Governor’s tool kit, pension benefit reforms would cap sick leave and eliminate the eligibility for non-government groups and associations to be placed in state retirement systems.  We need to fortify our pension system to make sure our public workers have it in the future.  

7. Because local governments should have a choice to be able to opt out of civil service regulations if they feel this is in the best interest of taxpayers in their town.

Under Governor Christie’s tool kit, mayors would have the ability to decide to opt out of civil service.  The Governor’s collective bargaining reform would allow a mayor to get rid of civil services they don’t need anymore or that aren’t doing their job.  By giving mayors the tools to control spending, they can relieve the property tax burden on our families.

6. Because we face a serious affordability crisis here in New Jersey.  

Our citizens cannot afford to live here anymore and increasing numbers of people have fled the state in the past decade – long-term reform will stop this outward migration.  The property taxes in New Jersey are far too high at $7,281 per household.  Cap 2.5 would address these soaring rates and work to finally provide guaranteed relief so that our residents can afford to live here.    

5. Because if the Cap 2.5 reforms were put in place ten years ago, our property taxes would be significantly lower.

On May 18, 2010, the Bergen Record released an analysis of the State Department of Community Affairs tax data and found that if Cap 2.5 was put in place 10 years ago, our property taxes would be an average of $1,600 lower than current rates.  Learn more about their findings here.  

To find our what your property taxes would be in your town if Cap 2.5 was put in place ten years ago at the Office of the Governor’s new web page click here.

4. Because Cap 2.5 will give New Jerseyans solid property tax relief without exceptions.

In 2007, Former Governor Jon Corzine placed a 4% cap on all property taxes.  This piece of reform was riddled with holes that allowed towns and schools to go far beyond the 4% cap maximum, which ultimately made the measure a failure.  Cap 2.5 provides sound property tax relief by defining clear terms by which towns, municipalities and school districts must abide by.  If a town, municipality or school wanted to override the 2.5% cap, residents have the opportunity to vote on the increase.

3. Because Democrat spending sprees have bloated our government to a level of unsustainable growth.  

For nearly thirty years, Trenton politicians have been pushing our out of control spending problems under the rug.  Now as we face an almost $11 billion deficit and ever-increasing taxes, New Jersey is on the edge of fiscal collapse. If the spending of the Corzine administration had remained untouched for FY 2011, over the past two decades our state spending would have increased 322%.  This would be a 16% per year rise in spending over the course of twenty years.  Governor Christie is bringing New Jersey back on the path to financial recovery by eliminating wasteful spending under Cap 2.5. 

2. Because a November referendum on Cap 2.5 will give voters a choice and voice on long-term property tax reform.

 Cap 2.5 will bring unprecedented relief to overtaxed New Jerseyans.  In the past eight years alone, New Jersey taxpayers have felt the pain of 115 new tax increases. Governor Christie is breaking the status quo by offering solutions to our property tax problem that give New Jerseyans a voice.  The Cap will not be ultimately decided by politicians in our capital, but rather by New Jersey taxpayers. This gives YOU the opportunity to have your say in this debate and get the property tax relief YOU DESERVE. Governor Christie is standing up for taxpayers like you who have been ignored by Trenton politicians for too long.

1. Because New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation – long-term and comprehensive property tax reform is needed NOW. 

New Jersey’s property taxes are out of control.  They have crippled our families, driven our residents out-of-state and bloated our government.  For decades, politicians have turned a blind eye to the problems in our state until it was almost too late. Between the years of 1999-2009, our property taxes have risen a shocking 70%! It’s time to finally put an end to this problem that is facing each and every one of our taxpayers.  Governor Christie is tackling property taxes head on by proposing a state Constitutional Amendment that will go at the heart of the problem, spending.  By placing a cap of 2.5% on all property tax levies of municipalities, schools and towns, we put an end to waste and rein in the uncontrolled increases in property taxes that have burdened our residents. This is the permanent relief New Jersey has been in dire need of and with our Governor it can be achieved to make our state more affordable for all of our families in the future.

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