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2.5% Cap: An Adult Thing To Do.

July 3, 2010

Chris Christie Credit Ed Murray/The Star-Ledger


Summer.  It’s always a busy and fun time in the Garden State where we all get to take a breather from the normal grind by heading to the Shore or other great vacation spots around the state.  My neighborhood is pretty deserted by the time Friday night roles around. 

But at least one person in the state hasn’t been taking much time off lately, and that’s Governor Chris Christie, who is quickly becoming one of the most famous political personalities in the country. 

A recent interview of the Governor by FoxNews’ Neil Cavuto gives a great insight as to who Chris Christie is and how he really wants to do what’s best for the people. 

For the people.  That’s something we hear every politician say, but I don’t think many believe it.  Just today the Federal Government came to a compromise on a “Wall Street Reform” bill that allows the Federal Government to take over any bank for whatever reason they want.  Members of the Obama administration have repeatedly blasted the Immigration law passed by the State of Arizona, only to admit that they haven’t read it. 

And we see this in our state as well.  Governor Christie continues to make difficult decisions in order to try to accomplish the goals he set forth in his campaign.  His latest is establishing a 2.5% cap on property tax increases in a given year.   Democratic State Senator Steve Sweeney has made a counter proposal that would cap yearly property tax increases at 2.8%.  Sounds like an easy compromise.  Let’s just split the difference, right? 

Not so fast.  There’s one big difference.  The Sweeney plan would allow the legislature to change this cap at any time.   Governor Christie’s plan would be an amendment to the State Constitution that will only allow the cap to change if the change is voted by the people. 

And that’s what I find so refreshing about Governor Christie.  He treats the voters as adults.  Steve Sweeney and his fellow Democrats try to treat the voters as children, telling us what we should do and that they know what’s best for us. 

As gruff as Governor Christie may be at times, I respect that he treats me as an adult, and I’m glad that he has faith in the people of the State of New Jersey to do the right thing, which is why I support his 2.5% cap. 

You can’t say that about Senator Sweeney.  After all, Senator Sweeney’s office never returns my calls when I ask for my allowance. 

That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it. 

Marc Fleischner, Berlin Boro 

Marc’s Opinion brings us to the Saturday Question. 

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