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Cap 2.5: Deal or No Deal?

July 3, 2010

It seems as though we have a Howie Mandel moment in Trenton toady.

Howie Mandel and others from "Deal or No Deal?"

The Asbury Park Press had a headline Deal on property tax cap proposal is imminent.  The headline seems to suggest that the Governor and the Democrats have struck a deal.  The article starts by saying,

Senior statehouse sources confirm the framework of a deal between Gov. Chris Christie and Democrats over the property cap proposal is now in place and an announcement is expected today. 

One source said the deal involves a property tax cap of 2 percent, but will include additional exemptions beyond what Christie had initially proposed. The announcement is expected by early this afternoon, the source said.

However, it then goes on to say,

However, a spokesman for Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver said a deal was not in place. “There is no agreement,” spokesman Tom Hester said. “The Speaker has had no conversations with the governor on this subject.’

So…. Deal or No Deal?

Christie ordered a special session of the Legislature this week in an attempt to pass a cap on property tax levies at 2.5 percent, with exemptions only for debt service and capital costs.

Sweeney has told reporters he cares less about the cap percentage than about including other exemptions, such as health care and pension costs.

We shall see!  Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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