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Justice in America – 2010

July 5, 2010

Barack Obama

Recently  a couple of key actions were engaged in by the United States Department of Justice, at the behest of Barack Obama’s Attorney General.

Even though the President, himself, opines that the Federal Government has not done an effective job of securing our southern border, his Attorney General has determined to sue the state of Arizona in their attempt to pick up part of this responsibility. The law was pushed by the taxpayers, has a high degree of public acceptance, was crafted by their elected representatives, and signed by the Governor.

In addition, Attorney General Holder as advised his staff to drop the case of voter intimidation in Philadelphia, even though there is video proof of aggressively postured men in uniform and brandishing night-sticks in front of a voting area.  See the Bill O’Reilly video below.

At the risk of seeming to be hyper critical of President Obama and Mr. Holder, this may cause some of us to believe that they value the actions of foreigners, invading our borders, above the rights of American citizens and believe that those who choose to vote should become a bit less cowardly on election day.

Stew Bolno

Pennsauken, New Jersey

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