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Runyan Tops Adler in Q2 Fundraising

July 13, 2010


Republican challenger adds $501k; Has $472k Cash-On-Hand


Republican congressional challenger Jon Runyan (NJ-3) added $501k to his campaign war chest in the fundraising quarter that ended on June 30, topping Congressman John Adler’s total for the same time period. 

Runyan, who officially announced his candidacy only two weeks before the first quarter fundraising deadline at the end of March, picked up steam in the second quarter, raising $301,409 from supporters and contributing $200k of his own money.  Runyan currently has $472,056 Cash-on-Hand and has raised $652,129 overall, with $300k coming from the candidate himself so far.

“We feel great about our quarter and where this race is headed.  People who continue to underestimate Jon Runyan do so at their own risk,”

said Consultant Chris Russell. 

“After more than 20 years in elected office, and a record of higher taxes, more spending and skyrocketing debt, incumbent Congressman John Adler represents everything that people don’t like about our broken political system and the direction of our country.  That, combined with his record of voting with Nancy Pelosi over 90% of the time in Congress will be his undoing in November.”


Russell also added that an internal poll released by Adler’s camp shows desperation and can’t be taken seriously given the recent track record of his pollster, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner.  In October 2009 they released a poll that showed Jon Corzine beating Chris Christie by 3 points and third-party independent candidate Chris Daggett getting 14% of the vote –  a few weeks later Christie ended up winning by roughly 4 points and Daggett didn’t even get 6% of the vote. 

“John Adler is running scared and that’s why he’s releasing bogus, internal polls in July that aren’t worth the paper they are printed on,”

said Russell.  

 “Two years ago he was the beneficiary of a split Republican Party and a terrible national environment for Republicans – yet he still only won by 3.5 points.  This year, Republicans are united, Nancy Pelosi is the most unpopular national figure in the district, and Adler votes for her agenda 90% of the time.  Adler better continue sucking up to the special interests, because he’s going to need one of them to employ him after he loses.”

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