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Creating Another Freehholder Committee Will Not Lower Property Taxes.

July 26, 2010



Appointing liaisons and having municipal meetings will not lower property taxes 

George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro

Camden County is full of many firsts – the first home of RCA, the home of the Battleship New Jersey, and now another first – adding another layer of government that will further cause a bureaucratic stronghold on the citizens of Camden County – and do absolutely nothing about taxes. In his election year Freeholder Ed McDonnell has come up with a plan to assign the county’s  municipalities to a member of the freeholder board. Each Freeholder would be responsible for meeting with the municipalities and discussing consolidation.  

“We agree that something should be done for the community, but appointing liaisons and having quarterly meetings aren’t going to reduce taxes”,  

said George Zallie, freeholder candidate.  

“This is yet another task force that will shuffle paper and make it look like something is getting done, when in fact it is just the opposite”, 

 adds running mate, Scot DeCristofaro

In Saturday’s Courier Post, Gloucester Township Mayor Dave Mayer said, “the plan goes a long way toward bringing government together at all levels”, but he failed to cite how this “plan” will lower property taxes for even one resident.  Look for Dave Mayer to raise taxes on the people of  Gloucester Township.  

For his part Bernie Platt mouthpiece Dan Keashen agrees, “when there’s expanded dialogue on these issues…everybody benefits”. You may recall in February Dan Keashen lied about the whereabouts of Mayor Platt and now Ed McDonnell and the Freeholder Board wants us to trust Keashen that “everybody benefits”.    

Having more dialogue about what needs to be done for the county is ludicrous. After 20 years of basically the same drivel, the same priorities, the same promises, it’s time for a change. Whether you call these bureaucrats overseers, czars, liaisons, or directors it’s still the same. It is still another layer of red tape bureaucracy that will continue to obstruct what the people of Camden County need – a simple, direct plan that will reduce taxes and improve the area – for jobs, for schools, for income, and especially for the quality of life that has dropped considerably.  

We have all seen firsthand what czars and liaisons have done in Washington, DC. Do we need this governmental bottleneck to come to Camden County and our municipal government? We don’t need more dialogue, or meetings, or liaisons. Common sense is what is needed in Camden County. George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro will eliminate unnecessary meetings and reduce the layers of government. These common sense public servants will deliver a dose of change, reform, and work daily to get Camden County back on track.

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  1. Joe permalink
    July 26, 2010 10:18 am

    Did you also know that the freelaoder board created, will recreated the Department of Central Services with 5 employees making over $250,000

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