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Adler Campaign E-mail Knowingly Lies About Runyan

July 27, 2010

In response to an email sent out by Congressman John Adler’s (NJ-3) campaign yesterday (see below) that knowingly lies about Jon Runyan’s positions on the issues, Runyan pushed back today by calling Adler

“a desperate career politician who will clearly say or do anything to get re-elected and keep feeding at the public trough.”            

Adler’s email stated: “…my opponent (Runyan) opposes Wall Street Reform.”            

The truth is that Runyan clearly stated in a Philadelphia Inquirer story on May 18th that he supported financial reform, but did not support the specific legislation passed by Congress.  There were a number of issues Runyan had with the measure Adler supported, including its failure to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Runyan repeated his stance during the debate on Michael Smerconish’s Program (part 6) with Congressman Adler sitting right across from him.    

Adler’s email also stated: “Jon Runyan also said that he would have voted for the wasteful bank bailout.”             

The truth is that in the early stages of considering a run last year, Runyan indicated to a reporter his possible support for the original TARP.  However, Runyan long ago changed his initial position based on a significant amount of research he personally did into the issue, and has unambiguously indicated his strong opposition to the original TARP for months now.      

Again, Runyan made his stance on the bailouts clear during the Smerconish debate.  Congressman Adler even conceded that Runyan had changed his position, yet still chose to authorize an email lying about Runyan’s position weeks later.  What Adler also fails to mention is that in 2008, then State Senator Adler told that he, in fact, supported the bailout, meaning his position has also changed.    

“John Adler can’t win this race by running on his tax-raising record in Trenton, and he can’t win this race by running on his big-spending record in Congress,”

said Runyan. 

“His only chance is to lie, lie again and lie some more.  Unfortunately for him, whether it’s smearing me or having his minions prop up fraudulent third party candidates to confuse voters, I am confident that people fed up with the direction of our country will see through his act and send him into retirement this November.”

The full text of Adler’s e-mail is below:

This week, the President signed Wall Street Reform into law. I strongly supported this legislation, which will provide tough, commonsense regulations that will end taxpayer bailouts and the risky schemes that tanked our economy. Middle-class families, seniors and small business owners play by the rules, this law will make sure Big Banks do the same.
In sharp contrast, my opponent opposes Wall Street Reform. Jon Runyan also said that he would have voted for the wasteful bank bailout. While I am working for middle-class families, seniors and small businesses, Jon Runyan is interested in protecting the hundreds of thousands he has invested in Goldman Sachs. He’d also give himself and the millionaire CEOs and Big Banks that got us into this mess huge tax breaks.
While families and businesses on Main Street worked hard, Big Banks invested in complex, high-risk investments that cost jobs and taxpayers money. For too long, Wall Street gave out mortgages people could not afford, collected abusive credit card fees and played Russian Roulette with our retirement savings and bank accounts. It is outrageous and unacceptable that our families and seniors paid the price for the greed of Wall Street executives.
South Jersey and Shore area residents deserve Wall Street Reform and a Congressman that they know is on their side.  Our middle-class families, seniors, veterans and small business owners pay the price when special interests run Washington. They will be in worse shape with a Representative like Jon Runyan who votes for his self-interest.

John Adler

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  1. SpeakUpNJ permalink
    July 27, 2010 3:30 pm

    Adler campaign is already on the ropes and resorting to “dirty tricks” and it’s not even August yet! Wow…Jon Runyan has the Liberal Democrats literally eating their young already! Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the flock of Liberal lapdogs( woof at this point John Adler that was your introduction) know that from 2006 on Chris Dodd and Barney Frank led the Liberal House and Senate committees putting immense pressure on Fannie and Freddie to loan money more and more money for mortgages that could not be paid. They did it for liberal votes and they could care less about the country. And their callousness with Fannie and Freddie CAUSED the housing market meltdown in late 2008 which kicked off the world recession! BUT when it comes to a financial reform bill…Adler and the Liberal Democrats LEAVE FANNIE AND FREDDIE OUT! Oh yes, THAT makes a lot of sense. Runyan’s got Adler on the run…but Adler cannot run far enough to escape the stupidity and outright socialist control freak nature of the Financial Reform Bill. Keep on him Jon…He is cracking more each day!

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