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Will John Matheussen Resign Too?

July 31, 2010

John Matheussen

This week amidst an ever-growing scandal Michael Joyce resigned as the DRPA’s Director of Public Safety.  The Joyce resignation came as a result of Assemblyman DiCicco’s call for a Federal investigation of the Joyce and the Authority.  Chris Christie has  made public his reform plan for the DRPA.  What a week! 


This brings us to the Saturday Question.   




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  1. marie denz permalink
    July 31, 2010 9:40 am

    John became known to me earlier in his career when I saw him at political events. From the outset, I was impressed with his open and honest manner. There seemed no pretense about his communication and intentions to serve the public.
    Therefore, the question is what influences and inner workings control the DRPA that may have him involved against his better judgment. Or is there mismanagement to the degree that he was not able to know what activities were being conducted that would bring this kind of negative light to the organization?

  2. Reform NOW permalink
    July 31, 2010 12:23 pm

    Good question; better question: How many projects has Lou “The Empty Suit” Greenwald received from his employment at Remington and Vernick.

    Let’s do a freedom of information request on the local, county and state dollars spent on projects conducted by Remington and Vernick since 199o.

    I think we will find the following: Lots of business from Camden County (as well as the majority of overall business within the county); Remington and Vernick’s revenues from Camden County and state increase as The Empty Suit tenure within the legislature increases; political contributions increase as business increases, etc.

    What you will also find is Lou Greenwald personal wealth has increased as his tenure within the state legislature increases. These are fair, legimate questions to ask.

    Here is the headline to the lastest ‘conflict of interest’ story the Courier Post and Philadelphia Inquirer ignore: “Potter -Ellis Street Project on the Books”:

    Kudos to The Retrospect for printing it!

    Bottom line: There is more than one engineering firm in South Jersey, yet the South Jersey Democrats own Remington and Vernick because of George Norcross, Louis Greenwald and their cronies. And Remington and Vernick have professionally and unfairly benefited from having Greenwald on the payroll.

    Our tax dollars are paying for a salary and penison from the state for Mr. Greenwald; our tax dollars are also paying for Remington and Vernick’s services, which gets passed down to Greenwald in the form of a salary, bonus, benefits and 401K. Mr. Greenwald knows its the best gig going, and it’s high time it stops!

    It is time for Lou Greenwald to come clean about the influence he has within the engineering circles. There is also some murky appropriations he made that have the appeareance of a conflict of interest that were never allowed to see the light of day because the democrat controlled legislature voted against it.

    Make no mistake, Congressman Rangel and Congresswoman Waters cannot hold a
    candle to Lou Greenwald; and just like they got caught, Mr. Greenwald and Remington and Vernick will eventually too!

    The DRPA scandal is a drop in the bucket of what is about to go down!

  3. August 2, 2010 4:10 pm

    Matheussen lost my respect for him when he sold his Fourth District Senate seat to the machine for the top job at the DRPA. The problem with him is the same problem with the rest of the machine: They’ve been in power so long that they believe our tax dollars belong to them. It’s a disgrace.

  4. Joe A. Di Medio permalink
    August 9, 2010 5:58 pm

    Positive input even during the slop. John not one of’m. The DRPC, DRPA. South Jersey Senators moving forward slowly and surely. Myself tracking fatalities on our roads at 334 from 327 (a weekend) needless. We’re going to reduce them by 50% with some real coordination and understanding of multiple lanes with multiple speeds, very litte…yet very effective, along with thee importance of distance brought to thee attention of high schoolers as well as we through the work. SouthJersey leading the way all the way slowly and surely make us look a little/lot better, especially our SouthJersey City/Camden NJ
    Please keep more distance with all speeds

    Joe A. Di Medio

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