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Adler’s Weak Denial Fools No One.

August 10, 2010

John Adler and Bernie Platt

John Adler’s political fallout continues as he again refuses to come clean with the voters about his team’s involvement with efforts to get a third-party candidate onto the ballot.  Today, the Asbury Park Press calls him out in an editorial for his “tepid disavowal” which “reeks of plausible deniability [and] has an air of desperation about it.” 

The trouble is that Adler’s maintaining a shady response: “I know we weren’t a part of it.”  Not only does that fail to address the issue which “stinks of Camden County politics as usual,” but it also begs the question: Congressman Adler, what exactly do you know?  Let’s start over and begin with the truth.  The voters deserve that.

“Instead of looking for cover and trying to spin away from these accusations of political malfeasance, John Adler should just start with the truth and come clean.  The fact that he continues to dodge the issue reaffirms to voters that he is a selfish career politician who ignores principle when it comes to protecting his own job.”

said Tory Mazzola, NRCC Spokesman

 The full text of the Asbury Park Press editorial is below:

Maybe Rep. John Adler had nothing to do with his supporters propping up Peter DeStefano, a Tea Party candidate attempting to get on the 3rd Congressional District ballot in November.

But Adler’s tepid disavowal in Saturday’s Press reeks of plausible deniability, has an air of desperation about it and stinks of Camden County politics as usual.  The freshman Democrat reaffirmed a statement from his campaign manager, Geoff Mackler, that none of his staffers had interacted with Peter DeStefano, the NJ Tea Party candidate.

“I know we weren’t part of it,” Adler said, when asked whether he would condemn any effort by supporters to get DeStefano on the ballot to promote his re-election against Republican challenger Jon Runyan. A viable Tea Party candidate could compete with a Republican candidate for votes, and thus benefit a Democratic candidate.

“Whatever they did — I know what I do, and I hold my head high about what I do,” Adler said. “I know what I’m responsible for, and I try to do a good job as a member of Congress and as a candidate to try to move in a good direction.”

DeStefano collected 237 signatures on his ballot petitions, including the names of dozens of Democrats, who are the least likely to vote for a conservative Republican. Among the signatories were relatives of Eric Spevak, a longtime Adler supporter. The Spevaks have donated thousands of dollars to Adler over the years.

That is more than suspicious.

“I’m not concerned about tactics,” Adler said.

He should be. And so should 3rd Congressional District voters.


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