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Adler Needs to Come Clean!

August 13, 2010

It seems that John Adler’s scheme to run the bogus tea party candidate, Peter DeStefano, in a lame attempt to beat Jon Runyan is not unique.  While John Adler continues to deny any involvement in supporting an illegitimate fraud candidate, it appears Adler’s Pennsylvania Democrat counterpart, Bryan Lentz, has a similar problem.

The video below tells a very familiar story.

Wow.  That report could have been about New Jersey’s 3rd congressional race.  Well with one major distinction.

Bryan Lentz admits he gave significant help to the third-party candidate and John Adler is still in DENIAL. 

It is time for John Adler to come clean and admit he and his volunteers helped DeStefano.

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  1. SpeakUpNJ permalink
    August 13, 2010 12:04 pm

    Adler and “Come Clean” in the same sentence….don’t hold your breath! Like Pinnochio, Adler’s nose has been growing since before he was elected, so don’t expect any miracles. The biggest lie he has going today is not DeStefano, it’s ” Call me a fiscal consevative!”. Adler has maintained and active role in the Democrat liberal socialist Pelosi/Obama movement. Since elected he voted over 90% of the time with his party, he helped Obama’s record spending spree of $6 Trillion in 18 months, he voted to raise the Debt Ceiling by close to $2 Trillion and he supports ( beyond the Stmulus and Jobs bills etc add ons) the Liberal Democrat Big Government Internal Department spending spree for appropriations that from his 2008 election to today 2010 is on average 20% higher across ALL Departments! Now THAT Spending record vs Adler’s claim of being a fiscal conservative…will take a whopping amount of soap to “come clean”….

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