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Pole Position for New Jersey’s 2012 US Senate Race.

August 14, 2010

US Senator Robert Menendez

Earlier this week RNC Chairman Mike Steele called for Senator Menendez to denounce Harry Reid’s racist remarks.  We are not holding our breath.

That got us thinking about the 2012 US Senate race in New Jersey.  So on to our Saturday Question:

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  1. JerseyDevil permalink
    August 14, 2010 10:00 am

    Being from District 1 myself, I was dismayed to see that you list Frank LoBiondo on you poll to run against Menendez… “GovTrack” lists Rep. LoBiondo as a “follower” and NOT a “leader” which NJ needs in the Senate! From personal experience, when Rep. LoBiondo voted YES on the House CAP & TAX Bill I was appaulled! I know that many of his constituents here in District 1 had written/emailed/called his offices to voice their opposition to this Bill…and yet he voted YES anyway! When I wrote a letter to the editor of the GCT’s newspaper taking him to task for his vote I received a personal call from him. He said that he thought that this Bill would benefit NJ…and i gave him more of my thoughts on why this Bill wasn’t good for ANY state, let alone NJ! He then tried to placate my ire with statements about ALL HIS PAST VOTES where he thought he had done well for NJ… I told him that yup…thanks BUT, you are only as good as you NEXT vote. I had a chance to speak with him again…in his DC office, on the eve of the healthcare vote. At that time he stated he would be voting NO on Obamacare…and that if he had it to do all over again…he would VOTE NO ON CAP & TAX! NOT GOOD ENOUGH…HINDSIGHT needs to be FORESIGHT! Having met him subsequently, on another “social” occasion…I can only say I’M NOT IMPRESSED! He seems very dependent on his “handlers’ who follow him around for his “views” on issues…

    The NJ State GOP would do well to put Domenick DiCicco at the head of their Senate Ticket for that run! he has proven that he is willing to step up & out for the people of the State! He seens to be a THINKER…and not a FOLLOWER!

    DiCicco for US Senate would get my support and vote!

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