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The Runyan vs Adler Debate. Can Adler tell the Truth?

August 29, 2010

Here is a preview of the Runyan – Adler debate that will air on Larry Kane’s Voice of Reason tonight. 

John Adler


During the debate John Adler tried to spin his record and fool voters into believing that he has “stood up to my party” in Washington.  Let’s take a closer look, and after that we’ll take a closer look at Adler’s evolving position on the stimulus bill. 


CLAIM: “I’ve stood up to my party on the big (votes). I’m saying no to spending because I believe there are some things we can’t afford anymore,’ he said.” (David Levinsky, “Adler, Runyan Trade Barbs,” Burlington County Times, 8/27/2010)

REALITY: Stood up to your party?  John Adler votes with Speaker Pelosi 91 percent of the time, according to the Washington Post.  Stood up to your party on “the big votes”?  Such as the stimulus bill, omnibus spending legislation, Speaker Pelosi’s budget, and a cap-and-trade national energy tax?  Those are the big-ticket items that make up the Obama-Pelosi agenda, and Adler voted for every one of these plans.  On healthcare, Adler flipped because he knew Speaker Pelosi would get enough votes, and he saw it as an opportunity to try and save his political career.

CLAIM: “I’ve looked at each one of the bills that Congress has presented with an eye toward creating private-sector jobs and toward reducing this deficit.” (Jane Roh, “Candidates Adler, Runyan Agree a lot in Taped Debate,” Asbury Park Press, 8/27/2010)

REALITY: Reducing the deficit?  Adler voted for the trillion-dollar stimulus, which failed to put people back to work and wasted more than it created.  He also voted for spending legislation, such as the Democrats’ omnibus bill, and Speaker Pelosi’s budget, which was labeled “the most fiscally irresponsible budget in the history of the federal government.”  Nothing about these votes reduces the deficit.  In fact, as a result of many of these votes, the United States faces one of its worst budget deficits in history.


“The federal budget deficit will surpass $1.3 trillion in 2010 and is expected to be the second largest shortfall in the past 65 years, the Congressional Budget Office estimated Thursday.” (Ronald D. Orol, “CBO Pegs Budget Deficit at More Than $1.3 Trillion for 2010,” Market Watch, 8/19/2010)

Adler is no stranger to political double-speak.  Let’s take a look at his evolving positions on the stimulus bill. . . . First, he said it would reduce NJ’s unemployment by 2.1%.  However, since the stimulus bill passed NJ’s unemployment has increased 2.2%.  With the numbers against him, recently Adler has admitted it “hasn’t yet worked” AND restated his support for the plan because it was not intended to turn the economy around.  Huh?  He’s a typical career politician trying to have it both ways.


CLAIM: “The bill will also save or create an estimated 171,000 New Jersey jobs and reduce unemployment by a projected 2.1%.” (Press Release, Rep. John Adler, 1/27/2009)

REALITY: Jan 2009 unemployment: 7.5% / July 2010 unemployment: 9.7%.  About 100,000 more people are out of work today compared to when the stimulus passed.  John Adler sold the trillion-dollar stimulus as a plan that will “save or create an estimated 171,000 New Jersey jobs and reduce unemployment by a projected 2.1%.”  Does Adler regret his vote in support of the failed stimulus plan?


“Has it put all these millions of American back to work who want to work who are waiting their turn to enjoy the American dream again?  It that sense it hasn’t yet worked. . . . it hasn’t yet created the next round of prosperity that America is waiting so desperately for.”

(The Michael Smerconish Show, “Smerconish Congressional Debate – Runyan vs. Adler,” WPHT-1210 The Big Talker, 7/8/2010)


“But he defended President Obama’s stimulus package because it sent millions of dollars to New Jersey and included tax cuts for families.  ‘To suggest somehow that the stimulus failed because it didn’t bring us out of the recession, I think it’s one of the political tactics people take when they’re desperate,’ Adler said.”

(Matt Katz, “Candidates Adler and Runyan Show Their Differences in Debate,” Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/27/2010)


The full debate will air at 9:30 p.m. Sunday and 5:30 p.m. Wednesday on the Comcast Network.

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  1. August 29, 2010 4:39 pm

    Typical career politician, John Adler. He will lie his way out of everything!

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