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Adler’s New Admission About The Stimulus

September 3, 2010

John Adler and Bernie Platt

Another day, more phony spin on the stimulus bill from Rep. John Adler.  In a FOX-29 interview recently, Adler admits that the stimulus has been “enormously frustrating for taxpayers” and has included “delays” in spending.  If that’s the case, why won’t he just come clean with New Jersey voters: Was the stimulus a failure?  Does he regret his vote?  Does he regret going along with his party’s efforts to ram the bill through Congress without adequate accountability measures? 

If he truly was the independent he claims to be, he would have stood up to Speaker Pelosi and fought for measures to improve the bill or he would have voted no.  Instead, he’s dancing around the issue like a career politician.  He should just admit that he regrets his vote and that he listened to his party leaders’ phony claims about creating and saving New Jersey jobs.

FOX-29 REPORTER STEVE KEELEY: “They said it was going to stop unemployment at 8 percent.  Obviously it didn’t.  Was [the stimulus] a failure?”


REP. JOHN ADLER: “I think it’s enormously frustrating for taxpayers that we didn’t spend more of the money sooner to actually stimulate the economy.  The idea was just to give it a jolt. . . . delays of some of the spending for years and years doesn’t help this immediate need we have for our country to really get going again.”


ADLER’S EVOLVING POSITIONS ON THE STIMULUS: First, Adler claimed the bill would create “171,000 New Jersey jobs and reduce unemployment by a projected 2.1%.”  However, more than a year later unemployment has increased 2.2%.  In the first debate, he admitted that the stimulus bill “hasn’t yet worked” regarding job creation.  And last week, he flopped again and defended the bill. 

ADLER IN JANUARY 2009: “The bill will also save or create an estimated 171,000 New Jersey jobs and reduce unemployment by a projected 2.1%.” (Press Release, Rep. John Adler, 1/27/2009)

ADLER IN DEBATE 1 ON THE STIM: “Has it put all these millions of American back to work who want to work who are waiting their turn to enjoy the American dream again?  It that sense it hasn’t yet worked. . . . it hasn’t yet created the next round of prosperity that America is waiting so desperately for.” (The Michael Smerconish Show, “Smerconish Congressional Debate – Runyan vs. Adler,” WPHT-1210 The Big Talker, 7/8/2010)

ADLER ON THE STIM LAST WEEK: “But he defended President Obama’s stimulus package because it sent millions of dollars to New Jersey and included tax cuts for families.  ‘To suggest somehow that the stimulus failed because it didn’t bring us out of the recession, I think it’s one of the political tactics people take when they’re desperate,’ Adler said.” (Matt Katz, “Candidates Adler and Runyan Show Their Differences in Debate,” Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/27/2010)

REALITY: Jan 2009 unemployment: 7.5% / July 2010 unemployment: 9.7%.  About 100,000 more people are out of work today compared to when the stimulus passed.  John Adler sold the trillion-dollar stimulus as a plan that will “save or create an estimated 171,000 New Jersey jobs and reduce unemployment by a projected 2.1%.”  Does Adler regret his vote in support of the failed stimulus plan?

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