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Bob Ingle Agrees: Nash Must Go Too!

September 4, 2010


Earlier this week we called for the termination or resignation of Jeff Nash from the Delaware River Port Authority.  Our feelings have not changed. 

Bob Ingle seconded that notion.  In fact Bob took his post a step further and shed some light on the real reason Nash has been hanging on to his DRPA position.  It has been widely rumored that Jeff Nash will be the Mayoral candidate in Cherry Hill next year.  The Camden County Democrats are scared  that their poor policy and candidate choices in Cherry Hill will come back to haunt them.  Property taxes are out of control in Cherry Hill and Bernie Platt is as impotent as can be.  The end result is the tax payers in Cherry Hill are left to suffer and they are anxious for a political change. 

The Cherry Hill Democrats, seeing blood in the water, dismissed all of their incumbents and ran a “new” Cherry Hill Democrat team last year.  This “new team” has been as impotent as the last crew in holding the line on property taxes.  You may recall, under Democrat leadership, Cherry Hill has the highest paid school superintendent in New Jersey.   This combined with his credibility problems  renders Bernie Platt a lame duck who can’t win re-election.  So in an attempt to protect the patronage and Pay-to-Play in Cherry Hill the Democrats need to find a credible candidate to run for Mayor next year.  But who? 


Jeff Nash

Enter Jeff Nash.  A long time Democrat machine cog who would “step down” from a freeholder position to run for mayor.  Why you might ask?  Simple and predictable.  When the Camden County Democrats are involved the correct answer is usually if not always money.  In this case plenty of it.  Cherry Hill’s municipal contracts are worth millions and even more with a Democrat mayor and council.  So Jeff Nash for the good of the Camden County Democrat party and their vendors is rumored to step down from his freeholder position and run for mayor of Cherry Hill.  

With the magnifying glass of the Christie administration peering down on the patronage and waste at the DRPA it may be time to find a new well of patronage and waste.  Enter Cherry Hill. Well not exactly…. Cherry Hill has been a Camden County Democrat Machine well of municipal cash for decades.  Cherry Hill could have a heightened patronage and Pay to Play role now that the DRPA patronage is apparently gone.  

Given the recent resurgence of the Cherry Hill Republicans the Camden County Democrats are very worried.  They are in full panic mode.  This sets the stage for long time Democrat Jeff Nash to use his name identification and run for Mayor of Cherry Hill.  The Camden Democrats think he is the perfect person to save the party’s patronage.  They are wrong.   

In the meantime we will have a ton of fun watching Nash defend the bad decisions of the DRPA.  We will also have a ton of fun asking why Nash and the Camden County Democrats did not implement reforms when Jon Corzine was Governor.  Even though the answers are obvious we will continue to ask the questions.  

Hat tip to Bob Ingle for joining in the call for the resignation and/or termination of Jeff Nash.  We can’t say we agree that Cherry Hill needs to suffer with Nash as its Mayor but it has become rather self-evident that Nash needs to leave the DRPA. 

This brings us to our Saturday Question? 

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  1. Thomas Walsh permalink
    September 4, 2010 11:45 am

    It’s about time the CCGOP started calling it for what it is. The City of Camden is still a mess, the county infrastructure is horrible, taxes are among the highest in the entire state, there is much higher unemployment, almost ZERO transparency, etc.

    Camden County has been “strip mined” because of greed. How many Camden County residences have become as wealthy as Nash, Capelli, Norcross, Norcross, Sweeney, Greenwald, Redd, Wilson, McDonnell, Beach, Andrews, Adler, Roberts, etc over the past 20 years?

    These people walk all over us…it has nothing to do with “democrats vs. republicans”; it has everything to do with money! Everything! Selfishness!

    In sports, it’s fun to root for a winning team—it’s fun to be a fan of the Yankee, Cowboys, Lakers, Jeff Gordon, etc. It’s fun to be part of a winning team.

    Politics, however is different. Why? It’s about doing what is right….doing what is right for our seniors, veterans, those in need, etc. And fact of the matter is WHOEVER is in office is going to provide great services to these constituents. Rooting for the winner in politics, rooting for the right team is about rooting for what is right, not who wins year after year.

    I repeat: WHOEVER is in office is going to provide great services to these constituents.

    An election should come down to who is the best PERSON……Is the best person a career politician, a person who had the opportunity to propel the community, county, region and state into the future…..or merely keep it status quo?

    Is the best person someone who took risks because it was the right thing to do, or is the best person someone who merely would posture to groups? In this day and age, is the best person worthly of vote someone you have know for many years, or someone new?

    Ask yourself, when Adler or Andrews announces millions of dollars for a group of constituents around election time, is that the right thing or wrong thing to do? After all, where does the money come from—-it comes from YOU!

    Finally, just because you meet these politicians, just because they offer you a pancake breakfast, just because they show up at your door in a suit is NOT a reason to vote for them.

    The only reason someone earns my vote, regardless of party, they must be part of the solution, not part of the problem. This year, every Democrat….every Democrat on the ballot has been part of the problem due to being career insiders game playing political thinkers INSTEAD of being honorable public servants.

  2. September 4, 2010 2:23 pm

    Even DRPA is run better than Gloucester County Freeholder Board under dual office holder, some call him King, Steve Sweeney, i.e., see the recently installed court ordered monitor to keep the bad boy and his puppeteer’s tentacles not so obvious. My opinion, of course.

  3. Nick Dee permalink
    September 6, 2010 3:47 pm

    Jeff Nash, may be the most honest guy at DRPA…or anywhere in politics. If he did choose to run for Mayor of CH, it would be a blessing. The guy is a straight shooter and not full of himself as are so many of our local “Kings” to swipe a honest choice of words from VeteransWife! I am a Independent who also wants the best people in office regardless of party.

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