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The Inquirer: Unanswered Questions About the Pennsauken Mart.

September 7, 2010

Pennsauken Mart: Another Camden County Freeholder Failure 


The Philadelphia Inquirer agrees the Camden County Freeholders need to answer questions about the Pennsauken Mart.  According to the article Camden County taxpayers could lose an additional $16 million dollars on the failed Pennsauken Mart project.  Ed McDonnell and the Camden County Freeholders continue to face the hangover of seizing private land, kicking out more than 200 small business owners and reducing a landmark to a rubble that is now an eye sore.  

When “the Mart” was demolished entrenched career politician Louis Cappelli said, “This will be a major improvement over the dilapidated eyesore that previously occupied that site that’s also the northeastern gateway to Camden County.”  Now when asked for comment, “…. officials of the Improvement Authority and county Board of Freeholders declined to be interviewed about the proposed development”.  To not comment on an issue that cost hundreds of jobs, millions of dollars and is something we have seen for years is disrespectful, at best, to the taxpayers of Camden County.


George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro have been asking the same Pennsauken Mart questions for months.  George and Scot released the video above on the Pennsauken Mart in July.

While Lou, Ed and Carmen spent the summer enjoying the perks and spoils of being a career Camden County politician and avoiding reporters, George and Scot were out redefining the expectations the public can expect from true leaders.

This year, if you are seeking fresh faces and new ideas, vote column 2!

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  1. Gail Peterson permalink
    September 7, 2010 5:32 pm

    All this campaign needs to do is revive the Freeholder campaign of Chris Carlson and use the same material as we did then and everyone will see that the only thing that has happened is the mart people are out of business, the lawyers and consultants have the money and that the people of Camden County have been paying the bill……..once again.

  2. VeteransWife permalink
    September 8, 2010 6:07 pm

    Where are the Indictments?

    Definition: Corruption is the “abuse of public position for private gain.”

    Triad Associates made money (see also Camden CEDS) Michael Zumpino distributes generously to subconsultants, ie., Maley, Salmon Ventures etc.,
    bond counsel made money, gee, who was bond counsel?
    special redevelopment (eminent domain) guru made money,
    the engineer made money, it isn’t a project without the engineer now is it?

    The scheme, like all the others, was an eminent domain action barred by: a) Kelo v. New London; b) NJ’s Constitution; and, c) Gallenthin v. Paulsboro (191 NJ 344 (2007).

    The taxpayers footed the bill and the party boss is still the king.

  3. September 9, 2010 2:55 pm

    More of same failed policies of the last 15 years

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